Why is Hwei Disabled in League of Legends?

Hwei, the newest addition to League of Legends, has brought with him a level of complexity that has led to his temporary disablement by Riot Games. This decision has sparked curiosity and concerns among players eager to understand the reasons behind Hwei’s disablement.

Why Hwei is Disabled in League of Legends

Hwei’s complexity lies in his kit that explores three different “subjects” of art, resulting in three different stances and nine abilities apart from the ultimate spell. Although this complexity provides a high skill ceiling for players, it also presents significant challenges for game balance and stability.

Riot Games has indicated that Hwei is temporarily disabled due to in-game issues that the developers are currently working to resolve. Players have reported instances of game crashes triggered by Hwei’s interactions. Some have observed that Hwei’s abilities go in the wrong direction when he gets airborne, leading to skillshot aim inconsistencies. These issues have prompted Riot Games to take action and disable the champion in order to address these gameplay concerns.

What to Expect Next

As of now, there is no specific timeline for when Hwei will be re-enabled in League of Legends. The resolution of the issues largely depends on their severity. If the problems are minor, Riot Games may restore Hwei to the game within a few days. However, if the issues are more complex, it may take longer for the developers to ensure that the champion is playable again.


What are the specific issues leading to Hwei’s disablement?

Players have reported inconsistent skillshot aim and game crashes associated with Hwei’s abilities, particularly when he gets airborne.

When can we expect Hwei to be re-enabled in the game?

As of now, there is no specific timeline for Hwei’s re-enablement. The duration depends on the complexity of the issues and the time required for the developers to resolve them.

Is Hwei’s disablement related to his complexity as a champion?

While Hwei’s complexity may present challenges in balancing and stabilizing gameplay, Riot Games has specifically cited in-game issues as the reason for his disablement.


Hwei’s disablement in League of Legends is a temporary measure taken by Riot Games in response to in-game issues associated with the champion. As the developers work on resolving these issues, players eagerly await the re-enablement of Hwei once the concerns have been addressed and the champion is deemed stable for gameplay.

As players continue to track updates from Riot Games, they can anticipate the return of Hwei to Summoner’s Rift once the issues have been effectively resolved.

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