Where to Find TMNT Driftboards in Fortnite

Fortnite’s latest collaboration with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) has brought back the popular Driftboards, giving players an opportunity to zip across the island in style. Read on to find out where you can locate these TMNT Driftboards and how to make the most out of them.

➤ What are TMNT Driftboards?
For seasoned Fortnite players, the Driftboard is no stranger. First introduced in Chapter 1, this neat little transportation device allows players to swiftly traverse the map while executing flips and tricks. With its return in the TMNT collaboration, the Driftboard receives a green makeover, echoing the iconic colors of the Ninja Turtles.

➤ Where to Find TMNT Driftboards
Locating these TMNT-themed Driftboards is relatively straightforward. They can be found as floor loot across various locations on the map. However, your best bet is to head to major Points of Interest (POIs) for a higher chance of encountering one. Keep your eyes peeled while exploring, and you might stumble upon a TMNT Driftboard waiting for a rider.

➤ TMNT Driftboard Locations
Reckless Railways comes out as the hotspot for TMNT Driftboards, boasting a generous count of four boards. Other notable locations include Lavish Lair, Classy Courts, and Grand Glacier, each offering two boards for eager players. Even smaller areas like Rebel’s Roost and Snooty Steps hold a single board, ensuring accessibility across the map.

Here’s a breakdown of TMNT Driftboard locations across Fortnite’s island:
– Rebel’s Roost: 1 TMNT Driftboard
– Ritzy Riviera: 2 TMNT Driftboards
– Pleasant Piazza: 2 TMNT Driftboards
– Snooty Steppes: 1 TMNT Driftboard
– Fencing Fields: 2 TMNT Driftboards
– Hazy Hillside: 2 TMNT Driftboards
– Grand Glacier: 2 TMNT Driftboards
– Reckless Railways: 4 TMNT Driftboards
– Lavish Lair: 2 TMNT Driftboards
– Classy Courts: 2 TMNT Driftboards

➤ How to Ride TMNT Driftboards
Operating a TMNT Driftboard remains consistent with its original counterpart. Simply hop on to start riding, use the nitro boost for speed, and execute tricks using the jump button. These Driftboards hover above the terrain, ensuring smooth traversal across grass, snow, or water without the need for refueling.

➤ Fortnite x TMNT Event End Date
As with any limited-time event, the TMNT collaboration won’t last forever. Make sure to make the most of these boards before the event concludes on 27th February. Whether you’re completing quests or simply exploring the island, the TMNT Driftboards offer a fun and fast-paced way to navigate the map.


✍️Are TMNT Driftboards permanent in Fortnite?✍️
No, TMNT Driftboards are part of a limited-time collaboration event and will be available until 27th February.

✍️Do TMNT Driftboards provide any special abilities in Fortnite?✍️
TMNT Driftboards function similarly to regular Driftboards, offering swift and stylish transportation across the map. They do not provide any special abilities beyond the standard functionalities of the original Driftboard.

✍️Are TMNT Driftboards available in all game modes?✍️
Yes, TMNT Driftboards are available in all game modes where the collaboration event is active, including Battle Royale and Creative modes.

In conclusion, the addition of TMNT Driftboards in Fortnite offers a delightful throwback to a beloved feature while providing players with an exciting and efficient means of travel. Be sure to grab one and explore the island in true Ninja Turtle style before the event ends!

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