Where to Find? Breeding Combinations, Uses, and More

# Everything You Need to Know About Lunaris in Palworld

The vast and diverse biomes of the Palpagos Islands provide a habitat for a multitude of exotic creatures known as Pals. Among these fascinating creatures, Lunaris stands out as a rare Neutral-type breed with gravity-defying abilities. Capturing, breeding, and utilizing Lunaris can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the essential information about capturing Lunaris, breeding combinations, its uses, and more in the world of Palworld.

➤ Where Can You Capture Lunaris in Palworld?

Lunaris, a Level 32 Alpha Pal, resides exclusively within the Sealed Realm of the Esoter dungeon in the Sea Breeze Archipelago Island, located in the southern part of the map. To access this elusive creature, players should head to the Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach respawn point and travel northwest to reach the dungeon. It’s advisable to be well-prepared for combat, as Lunaris boasts 2,436 HP and requires a strategic approach to capture successfully.

As Lunaris is a Neutral-type Pal, it’s recommended to enlist the assistance of Dark elemental Pals like Incineram, Tombat, and Mau during the encounter. Additionally, players should ensure they are at least level 30 to stand a fair chance against this formidable Alpha boss. Stocking up on Palfood is crucial to prevent any chances of Lunaris escaping once weakened.

Once captured, Lunaris bestows the Antigravity partner skill, enhancing your carrying capacity and occasionally dropping essential Paldium Fragments, vital for crafting Pal Spheres.

➤ Breeding Combinations for Lunaris in Palworld

Alternatively, players can utilize Lunaris’s breeding system to spawn this Neutral Pal. The following breeding combinations can result in a Lunaris offspring:
– Dazzi + Robinquill
– Celaray + Tocotoco
– Celaray + Fuack
– Melpaca + Fuack
– Rooby + Direhowl
– Caprity + Killamari
– Celaray + Pengullet

The mating process yields a Large Common Egg, which must be hatched using an Incubator to bring a new Lunaris into the world. Once hatched, Lunaris exhibits its base stats, as well as work speed and suitabilities, making it an efficient companion for various tasks within your base.

➤ Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ How can I effectively capture Lunaris in Palworld?
Prepare yourself with Dark elemental Pals and ensure you are at least level 30 before attempting to capture Lunaris. Stock up on Palfood to prevent its escape.

✔️ Can I use Lunaris for crafting and building in Palworld?
Yes, Lunaris has a Handiwork skill Level 3, allowing it to effectively craft various items and aid in building structures within your settlements.

✔️ Are there any other uses for Lunaris in Palworld?
Lunaris provides the Antigravity partner skill, affecting your carrying capacity, and can occasionally drop Paldium Fragments, essential for crafting Pal Spheres in Palworld.

➤ Conclusion

Lunaris, with its gravity-defying capabilities, offers a unique and valuable addition to the world of Palworld. Whether you choose to capture this elusive creature or spawn it through breeding combinations, Lunaris proves to be a versatile companion for various tasks and endeavors. Understanding its capture points, breeding combinations, and uses is essential for maximizing its potential within the game.

Incorporating Lunaris into your gameplay can undoubtedly enhance your Palworld experience, offering new opportunities and advantages as you navigate the diverse landscapes of the Palpagos Islands.

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