Where to Catch Sibelyx? Uses, Breeding Combinations, and More

The immersive biomes of the Palpagos Islands offer numerous Pals, each with their own distinct powers and abilities. Depending on their skills, you can assign them to perform various tasks around your base or add them as companions to your party and embark on various adventures with them. One such is the Ice elemental Pal Sibelyx, which boasts a blend of combat prowess and practical work suitabilities. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about it, including its spawn location, uses, breeding combinations, and more.

➤ Where Can You Find and Catch Sibelyx in Palworld?
Considering that it is an Ice-type Pal, you can find it roaming around the snowy region in the north of Palpagos Islands. You can use fast travel points such as Land of Absolute Zero, Pristine Snow Field, and the Unthawable Lake to get there and hunt them down both during the day and night.

Apart from this, you can also attempt to take down a Level 40 Alpha Pal version of Sibelyx, found in the Sealed Realm of the Pristine Field dungeon in the Frostbound Mountains. You can get there using the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance fast travel point and traverse towards the northeastern side of the map. We recommend you carry a Fire-type Pal such as Pyrin, Reptyro, etc, as this Ice Pal is weak against them.

Sibelyx takes 79th place on the Paldeck with its signature skill being the Silk Maker allowing it to use a powerful Blizzard Spike attack on your enemies. Apart from this, you will also get Ice Organs as a drop along with High-Quality Cloth when you assign it to work at the Ranch.

➤ Breeding Combinations for Sibleyx in Palworld
Here are all the combinations to create a Sibelyx offspring in Palworld:

– Penking + Ragnahawk
– Penking + Pyrin
– Celeray + Blazamut
– Elizabee + Surfent
– Nitewing + Cinnamoth
– Cinnamoth + Sweepa

These are all the work suitabilities for Sibelyx:

– Medicine Level 2
– Cooling Level 2
– Farming Level 1

This Pal stands out from the bunch due to its ability to work on medicine benches and produce Medical supplies to heal other wounded Pals. Its Level 2 Cooling skill also comes in handy to power Refrigerators, preventing food resources from going stale.

Sibelyx can also be paired with other Pals to create new and unique offspring such as:

– Celeray + Sibelyx = Vanwyrm
– Penking + Sibelyx = Wumpo Botan
– Sweepa + Sibelyx = Mossandra
– Incineram + Sibelyx = Penking
– Lyleen + Sibelyx = Quivern
– Cinnamoth = Sibleyx = Kingpaca

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Pallid Lady Sibelyx in Palworld.


✔️ Can Sibelyx be found in any other locations?
Sibelyx is especially concentrated in the snowy regions in the north of Palpagos Islands, but it can also be found in the Sealed Realm of the Pristine Field dungeon in the Frostbound Mountains.

✔️ What are the uses of Sibelyx in Palworld?
Sibelyx can perform tasks such as producing Medical supplies and preventing food resources from going stale with its Level 2 Cooling skill. Additionally, it can be used in combat with its powerful Blizzard Spike attack.

✔️ Are there any other breeding combinations for Sibelyx in Palworld?
Yes, there are multiple breeding combinations to produce Sibelyx offspring, as well as unique offspring when paired with other Pals.

➤ Conclusion
Sibelyx is a versatile Ice elemental Pal that offers both combat prowess and practical work suitabilities. Its spawn locations, uses, breeding combinations, and unique offspring make it a valuable addition to any Pal team in Palworld. Whether it’s hunting down Sibelyx in the snowy regions or breeding new and unique offspring, this Pal provides various opportunities for adventure and utility in the game.

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