Where Can You Find Wumpo Botan in Palworld? Stats, Breeding Combos, and More

Palworld’s impressive collection of over 130 creatures is equipped with unique skills and abilities that can be used to perform a variety of jobs once you capture them. Besides combat, players can assign their beloved Pals to carry out tasks such as Lumbering, Mining, Transporting, Planting, etc. While most Pals excel at one specific task, a select few of them are versatile enough to efficiently execute several of these suitabilities.

One standout example of such a creature is the Wumpo Botan, a Grass-elemental Pal equipped with four different work skills with the added ability of a Ground Mount. Without further ado, let’s figure out where to find them, and delve into their stats, uses, breeding combinations, etc.

➤ Where Is Wumpo Botan’s Habitat in Palworld?

Thankfully, hunting down the Wumpo Botan is relatively easy when compared to other Pals as it is only found in the ✍️No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary✍️ located in the ✍️Southwestern part✍️ of the map to the left of ✍️Forgotten Island✍️. We suggest you equip yourself with a Water or a Flying Pal such as Surfent, Nitewing, etc., to cross the seas. You must also make sure that you are ✍️level 35 and above✍️, as you will run into several high-tier Pals as well as PIDF soldiers in the sanctuary.

We also recommend you have a Fire-type companion such as Charblaze, Flamereaver, etc., as Wumpo Botan is weaker against them. Additionally, you can also hunt down the ✍️level 38 Guardian of the Grassy Fields✍️, which is the Alpha version of the Grass-type Pal found in the ✍️Eastern Wild Island✍️, located ✍️east of the Plateau of Beginnings✍️.

Upon capturing the Wumpo Botan, you can now access its ✍️Guardian of the Grassy Fields✍️ partner skill, which increases your carrying capacity when it is assigned to your party. You also unlock its Ground mount ability by crafting its saddle.

➤ Breeding Combinations for Wumpo Botan in Palworld

Thankfully, there are numerous Pals you can use to produce a Wumpo Botan offspring, without venturing out into the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary. These are:

– Elphidran + Mossanda
– Penking + Sibelyx
– Mossanda + Peking
– Nitewing + Elphidran
– Penking + Mossanda
– Sweepa + Surfent
– Pyrin + Incineram

Here are the base stats of Wumpo Botan (Paldeck No 091B):

While it is fairly decent in combat until the mid-game stage, the Wumpo Botan proves to be an outstanding worker in your base, thanks to its suitabilities such as:
– Planting Level 1
– Handiwork level 2
– Lumbering level 3
– Transporting level 4

The Wumpo Botan is also equipped with excellent passive skills such as:
– Artisan: Increases work speed by 50%
– Logging Foreman: 25% buff to player logging efficiency
– Mine Foreman: 25% buff to player mining efficiency
– Motivational Leader: 25% buff to player speed
– Vanguard: 10% buff to player attack
– Stronghold Strategist: 10% buff to player defense

Additionally, you can also spawn several other Pals using Wumpo Botan in the Breeding Farm.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Wumpo Botan in Palworld. Check out Game8’s for more such combinations.


✍️Q: Can I find Wumpo Botan in other habitats?✍️
A: No, Wumpo Botan is exclusively found in the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary in the Southwestern part of the map.

✍️Q: What level should I be to capture Wumpo Botan?✍️
A: It is recommended to be at least level 35 to capture Wumpo Botan in the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary.

✍️Q: What are the breeding combinations for Wumpo Botan?✍️
A: Breeding combinations include Elphidran + Mossanda, Penking + Sibelyx, Mossanda + Peking, Nitewing + Elphidran, Penking + Mossanda, Sweepa + Surfent, and Pyrin + Incineram.

➤ Conclusion
Wumpo Botan is a versatile and valuable creature in Palworld with its multiple work skills and breeding combinations. Its unique abilities and stats make it a great addition to your team for both combat and various tasks. Make sure to plan your strategy and breeding combinations carefully to make the most of this exceptional Pal.

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