Where Can You Find Quivern? Uses, Stats, Breeding Combos, and More

The Palpagos Islands are home to a diverse list of creatures belonging to nine different elemental types. While combat abilities are a necessity for Pals in your party, your worker Pals need to be equipped with potent suitabilities to perform various tasks around your base. While most working Pals are limited to a few tasks, only a select few creatures are well-versed in both combat and work suitabilities. Enter the Quivern, a Dragon-elemental Pal boasting four different work skills and battle prowess with the added ability to be a swift Flying Mount. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out its habitats, uses, breeding combos, etc.

Where Is Quivern’s Habitat in Palworld?

Thankfully, finding Quivern is a relatively simple affair and all you need to do is head to the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary located on the Southwestern part of the map, north of the Ruined Fortress City teleport point and west of the Forgotten Island respawn point. You can hunt them down both during the day and night, however, getting to the sanctuary requires you to mount a Flying or a Swimming Pal such as Surfent, Faleris, Nitewing, Frostallion Noct, Vanwyrm, Jormuntide, etc.

Make sure to equip the best armor and weapons you own, as you will run into PIDF soldiers and other exotic yet hostile Pals who will attempt to stop you dead in your tracks. You can also carry an Ice-type Pal such as Cryolinx, Wumpo, Frostallion, Sibelyx, Vanwyrm Cryst, etc, as the Quivern is weaker against them.

Additionally, you can also try hunting down the level 23 Wings of White Quivern Alpha Pal from the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant dungeon located on the Bamboo Groves Island. Keep in mind that taking down this Alpha Quivern will have 2,173 HP. You can also occasionally find this Dragon Pal as bosses inside Sacred Mountain Caverns.

Once you’ve successfully captured the Quivern, you will unlock its Sky Dragon’s Affection partner skill, which allows you to mount this Flying Pal while also increasing your Dragon damage rates while riding it. However, you need to unlock its saddle to fly around on its back. Here are the required resources:
– X30 Leather
– X30 Ingot
– X30 Paldium Fragments
– X10 Cloth

Breeding Combinations for Quivern in Palworld

Combining the opposite genders of the following Pals will give birth to a Quivern offspring:
– Pyrin + Warsect
– Faleris + Elizabee
– Orserk + Surfent
– Mammorest Cryst + Sweepa
– Relaxaurus + Nitewing
– Lyleen Noct + Cinnamoth

Here are the base stats of Quivern (Paldeck No 095):
– HP: 105
– Defense: 100
– Melee: 100
– Shot Attack: 100
– Food: 4
– Drops: High Quality Pal Oil
– Suitabilities: Handiwork Level 1, Gathering Level 2, Mining Level 2, Transporting Level 3

While it does possess effective active skills like Acid Rain, Draconic Breath, Aqua Burst, etc., the Quivern is better used as a working Pal due to the aforementioned suitabilities and its passive skills such as:
– Swift: 30% increase in movement speed
– Legend: 20% buff to attack and defense with a 15% increase in movement speed
– Burly Body: 20% buff to defense
– Divine Dragon: Dark attack damage increases by 20%

You can also use Quivern to produce the following Pals:
– Elizabee + Quivern = Warsect
– Cinnamoth + Quivern = Nitewing
– Incineram + Quivern = Kingpaca
– Mossanda + Quivern = Ragnahawk
– Sweepa + Quivern = Ragnahawk

That is everything you need to know about the adorable Quivern in Palworld.


1. What are the best armor and weapons for hunting Quivern in No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary?

To effectively hunt Quivern in No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary, it’s recommended to equip high-quality armor and weapons such as Dragonbone Armor and Dragonsteel Weapons. These provide good protection and firepower against the hostile Pals and PIDF soldiers in the area.

2. Can Quivern be used as a combat Pal?

While Quivern does possess combat abilities, its suitabilities and passive skills make it more suitable as a working Pal. It excels in tasks like gathering, mining, and transporting, making it valuable for base management and resource collection.

3. Are there any specific strategies for capturing the level 23 Wings of White Quivern Alpha Pal?

Capturing the level 23 Wings of White Quivern Alpha Pal in the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant dungeon requires a well-equipped team and strategic combat tactics. It’s recommended to have a diverse group of Pals with different elemental strengths and weaknesses, along with reliable healing and support skills to take down this formidable opponent.


Quivern is a versatile Pal in Palworld, capable of both combat and work tasks. Its unique combination of suitabilities, stats, and breeding combinations make it a valuable addition to any Palteam. Whether for resource gathering or as a swift Flying Mount, Quivern offers a range of uses for players to explore and utilize in their gameplay experience.

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