When Does League of Legends Season 2024 Start?

Ahead of the League of Legends Worlds 2023 grand finale, Riot Games shared the gameplay teaser of Season 2024 on 19th November. The teaser captivated the players as it introduced sweeping changes to the League of Legends and the Summoner’s Rift we know.

Apart from the void-related changes, new monsters, map, and terrain changes, Riot Games has brought forth plenty of item changes. What’s always exciting about a new season is the enthusiasm and rigor that players emulate when it comes to ranked reset and climb.

Here’s everything you need to know about League of Legends Season 2024 and its release date.

League of Legends Season 2024 Start Date: Ranked Reset & More

For the first time, players do not have a preseason in League of Legends. Instead, they will be directly playing on the new map, experiencing different changes right when the season kicks off. This means that the ranked reset will also happen as is and players won’t have time to grind during the preseason period.

As per the countdown timer on the client, the second split of the Season 2023 ranked is scheduled to end around 2 am CT on 10th January. As a result, players can expect the first split of Season 2024 ranked to begin shortly after the previous split ends on 10th January. For some players, it could happen on 9th January and this discrepancy is due to time zone differences.

Here are the key dates Riot mentioned in its earlier blog:
– Gameplay changes go live with patch 14.1 on 10th January
– Split 1 begins on 9th January
– Split 2 begins in May
– Split 3 begins in September

Changes in League of Legends Season 2024

Even before we got information about new champions and Arcane-related content in League, Riot Games made it clear that one of the biggest changes would be “void-related.” It said, “Get ready for map changes, new monsters, item updates, and more hitting the Rift in January.”

Some of the things to look out for in the new season are as follows:
– Voidgrubs and Voidmites
– Rift Herald’s New Look
– Void Camps
– Baron Nashor & his new looks
– Item changes, revamp & new additions
– Release of Smolder, Ambessa Medarda, & Vatsayan mid-laner

After the publisher missed the mark last year with the season start cinematic, the community took it upon itself to express how important the game is to the players. Now, keeping up its promise, Riot Games will be releasing a champion-led cinematic for Season 2024.

Players should keep their eyes peeled on social media on 10th January as the Season 2024 cinematic is all set to release at 7 am PT.


1. Can players still grind during preseason in League of Legends Season 2024?
No, there will not be a preseason in Season 2024, meaning players will directly play on the new map and experience changes as the season begins.

2. What are the key dates for the beginning of Season 2024?
– Gameplay changes go live with patch 14.1 on 10th January
– Split 1 begins on 9th January
– Split 2 begins in May
– Split 3 begins in September


League of Legends Season 2024 is set to bring about significant changes to the game, including void-related alterations, new monsters, item updates, and more. With the ranked reset happening directly as the season kicks off, players will need to adapt quickly to the evolving gameplay. The cinematic release on 10th January is expected to be a special treat for the community, adding to the excitement surrounding the new season. Get ready to dive into the void and experience the revamped Summoner’s Rift in Season 2024.

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