What Are Legendary Medals in Call of Duty Mobile?

Legendary Medals in Call of Duty Mobile are an essential component of the Elite Mission in Season 11 – Siren Song. Completing the Elite Mission enables players to unlock the free Legendary DR-H — KUROHANA-68 Weapon Blueprint. These medals are earned by reaching the Legendary rank in Multiplayer or Battle Royale mode, and are crucial in unlocking the Kurohana Crate.

Legendary Medals in Call of Duty Mobile

The Elite Mission: Kurohana Crate, launched as part of Season 11 – Siren Song, requires players to collect a total of six Legendary Medals and four Confidential Tokens. These tokens and medals can be earned through ranking up and completing specific missions in the game. Reaching the Legendary rank is essential for acquiring these Legendary Medals.

Additionally, to fully unlock the Kurohana Crate, players need to meet specific requirements such as reaching the top 5000 leaderboard in either mode and completing missions to earn tokens.

Bonus XP for climbing ranked to unlock Legendary Medals in CODM

To earn the required Legendary Medals, players must climb the ranks by accumulating XP in the game. There are various strategies to help rank up more quickly, including utilizing the Multi-Select Bonus, Daily First Win Bonus, and Friend Bonus. Players can also use a Ranked Shield Card to prevent the deduction of Rank XP.

All requirements to unlock the Kurohana Crate in Call of Duty Mobile

To unlock the Kurohana crate, players must meet the following requirements:
– Reach legendary rank in both Multiplayer (MP) and Battle Royale (BR) modes.
– Earn 6 ranked medals and 4 confidential tokens in total, with 1 medal for each time the player reaches legendary rank in MP or BR.
– Reach the top 5000 leaderboard in either MP or BR.
– Complete missions to earn tokens.


How do I earn Legendary Medals in Call of Duty Mobile?

You can earn Legendary Medals by reaching the Legendary rank in either Multiplayer or Battle Royale mode.

Is there a time limit to complete the Elite Mission and unlock the Kurohana Crate?

There is no specific time limit mentioned for completing the Elite Mission. However, it is advisable to complete it during the active season to ensure eligibility for the rewards.

Are there any additional free legendaries expected in the upcoming crates?

Leakers have hinted at the possibility of more free legendaries being included in future crates, so it may be worth saving up any surplus Legendary Medals for future opportunities.


Legendary Medals are a valuable resource in Call of Duty Mobile as they are crucial for completing Elite Missions and unlocking legendary blueprints and crates. By understanding the requirements and utilizing bonus XP strategies, players can work towards achieving the Legendary rank and unlocking the coveted rewards offered in the game.

In conclusion, the inclusion of Legendary Medals adds an exciting and rewarding element to the gameplay experience, encouraging players to strive for higher ranks and providing opportunities to earn exclusive in-game items and rewards.

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