Want to Wear Bunny Ears in Palworld? Get This Long-Eared Headband Schematic!

➤ How to Obtain Long-Eared Headband Schematic in Palworld

Palworld, a game that emphasizes survival, befriending Pals, and customized avatars, offers a plethora of items for players to explore. Among these items, hats provide not only a unique style but also protection against various elements on the Palpagos Islands. A popular choice is the Long-Eared Headband, which allows players to adorn their characters with cute bunny ears. Here’s a guide on acquiring the schematic for this coveted accessory.

✔️ Where to Find the Long-Eared Headband in Palworld

The schematic for the Long-Eared Headband can be obtained from the Wandering Merchant, who can be found at the Small Settlement fast travel point (coordinates 74, -482), located to the west of the Plateau of Beginnings, beneath a Hillside Cavern. The Long-Eared Headband schematic can be purchased from the Wandering Merchant for 500 Gold. Once acquired, players can then craft the headband at their base using a Primitive Workbench.

✔️ Required Materials

To craft the Long-Eared Headband, players will need the following materials:

1. Cloth
2. Ingots

Cloth can be crafted from Wool obtained through Lamball or Cremis, while Ingots require Ores that can be mined from dark, copper-like boulders using any Pickaxe. A Fire-type Pal with Kindling ability is essential for operating the furnace to smelt Ingots. It is worth noting that players need at least a Primitive Furnace, which becomes available at Tech Tree level 10.

✔️ Additional Hats Available

The Wandering Merchant also offers other hat schematics for sale, each priced at 500 Gold. These include:

– Witch Hat Schematic
– Farming Hat Schematic
– Bowler Hat Schematic
– Tocotoco Cap Schematic
– Gumoss Cap Schematic
– Penking Cap Schematic

These additional hat options provide players with a range of customization possibilities, catering to different styles and preferences.

✔️ Conclusion

The Long-Eared Headband schematic in Palworld can be found at the Small Settlement fast travel point from the Wandering Merchant. Once obtained, players can gather the necessary materials and craft the headband at a Primitive Workbench. With its unique design and protective stats, the Long-Eared Headband offers players a stylish and functional accessory to flaunt in the game.

✔️ Q: Can the Long-Eared Headband be obtained from chests?
A: While it is possible to find the schematic in chests, it is more reliable to purchase it from the Wandering Merchant.

✔️ Q: What level is required to unlock the Primitive Furnace?
A: The Primitive Furnace is available at Tech Tree level 10.

✔️ Q: Are there other hats available for purchase from the Wandering Merchant?
A: Yes, players can also purchase the schematics for Witch Hat, Farming Hat, Bowler Hat, Tocotoco Cap, Gumoss Cap, and Penking Cap for 500 Gold each.

✔️ Q: Do the Long-Eared Headband and other hats offer any protective stats?
A: Yes, the Long-Eared Headband provides 60HP and 20 Defense, making it a valuable addition for players’ avatars.

With this guide, players can now easily acquire the Long-Eared Headband schematic and explore the world of Palworld with their characters adorned in stylish bunny ears and other unique hat options.

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