Want to Know How to Quickly Farm Gold in Palworld? Here Are the Top Methods

Palworld is an open-world game filled with creatures called Pals. In addition to befriending these Pals, players must ensure their survival by crafting and cultivating various resources. To make in-game purchases, accumulating Gold is essential. Here’s how to quickly farm this precious currency in Palworld.

Palworld Gold Farming Guide: All the Best Methods

Selling Unwanted Pals

If you have an excess of Pals, clearing up space by selling them at Pal merchants or trading them for rare breeds is a profitable way to earn Gold.

Selling Abundant Resources

As you progress through the game, hoarded resources and materials from Pals can be sold at Wandering Merchants for Gold, especially if they are no longer useful to you.

Take Advantage of Gold Digger Pals

Assign Pals with the Gold Digger ability to work at Ranches in your base to dig up Gold. This can provide a steady and reliable stream of Gold.

Hunt for Chests

While exploring, encountering chests containing Gold and other valuable items is a great way to increase your Gold stash.

Kill Adversaries and Dungeon Farming

Defeating enemies and exploring dungeons can yield Gold and other crucial resources. You also have the option of capturing humans and selling them for Gold.


Which method is the most efficient for farming Gold in Palworld?

The most efficient method for farming Gold in Palworld is to take advantage of Gold Digger Pals. Assigning Pals with the passive ability to work at Ranches can provide a consistent and reliable source of Gold.

Can I sell captured humans to regular merchants for Gold?

No, attempting to sell captured humans to regular merchants will result in being arrested. To trade captured humans for Gold, visit the Black Marketeer.


Accumulating Gold in Palworld is crucial for making in-game purchases, and there are several effective methods for farming this valuable currency. Whether it’s selling unwanted Pals, resources, or utilizing Pals with the Gold Digger ability at Ranches, players have plenty of options to quickly increase their Gold reserves.

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