Valorant Duo’s Day Capsule (Valentine’s Day Bundle): Items, Price, Release Date

The forthcoming Valentine’s Day heralds exciting news for Valorant players. Riot Games is set to release a special bundle called the Duo’s Day Capsule, aimed at enhancing the gameplay experience for couples within the Valorant community. While the bundle does not include weapon skins, it features adorable in-game items designed to capture the essence of love and make for the perfect Valentine’s Day in-game gift or purchase.

Special Valentine’s Day Valorant Bundle – Duo’s Day Capsule: Complete Details

The Duo’s Day Capsule is a special bundle curated by Riot Games to commemorate Valentine’s Day. It is scheduled for release on February 14, 2024, Wednesday, adding a romantic touch to the gameplay experience for Valorant couples.

Duo’s Day Capsule: Items

The Duo’s Day Capsule consists of seven cute items that celebrate love. This collection marks the first time that Valorant is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special in-game package.

Duo’s Day Capsule: Price

The pricing details for the Duo’s Day Capsule are yet to be confirmed. Speculations suggest that the bundle may be available for free, akin to the previously released Pride Bundle. However, some data miners anticipate a price tag for the bundle due to the inclusion of animated items. The speculated prices for each item within the bundle are outlined below.

– Duo’s Day Gun Buddy | 475 VP
– Duo’s Day: Left Player Card | 375 VP
– Duo’s Day: Right Player Card | 375 VP
– Duo’s Day: Game Night Player Card | 375 VP
– Duo’s Day: Left Spray | 325 VP
– Duo’s Day: Right Spray | 325 VP
– Duo’s Day: <3 Player Title | 200 VP
– Duo’s Day: </3 Player Title | 200 VP
– Duo’s Day: Duo Player Title | 200 VP

The bundle’s total speculated purchase value ranges from 2000 VP to 2850 VP or approximately $20 to $25 USD. Notably, the bundle cannot be purchased item by item, requiring players to acquire the complete set.

The community has exhibited positive anticipation for the animated player cards and gun buddy, with the latter particularly capturing the interest of many players.


1. Can the Duo’s Day Capsule be purchased item by item?

No, players will need to purchase the entire bundle and cannot select individual items from the collection.

2. When will the Duo’s Day Capsule be released?

The Duo’s Day Capsule is slated for release on February 14, 2024, coinciding with Valentine’s Day.

3. Are there any weapon skins included in the Duo’s Day Capsule?

No, the bundle does not contain any weapon skins but features items that celebrate love and the Valentine’s Day theme.

4. Will the Duo’s Day Capsule be available for purchase, or is it a free bundle?

Pricing details for the bundle have not been confirmed. There are speculations about it being available for free or at a certain purchase price due to the inclusion of animated items.


The upcoming release of the Duo’s Day Capsule adds an affectionate touch to the Valorant gaming experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. As the community eagerly awaits this unique bundle, it promises to be a delightful way for both couples and individuals to celebrate the occasion within the game.

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