Upthrust Esports BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 Grand Finals Day 3: Overall Standings, Match Summary

# Upthrust Esports BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 Grand Finals Day 3: Event Recap and Standings

The highly anticipated Upthrust Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Multiverse Series 2024 Grand Finals, Day 3, has concluded, showcasing intense battles and impressive performances by top teams. Seasoned teams like Team XSpark, Team Tamilas, Medal Esports, and Global Esports have taken the lead in the event, displaying exceptional gameplay and strategic prowess.

➤ Overall Standings
1. ✍️Team XSpark✍️: 166 points
2. ✍️Team Tamilas✍️: 164 points (including three chicken dinners)
3. ✍️Medal Esports✍️: 155 points
4. ✍️Global Esports✍️: 153 points (two chicken dinners)
5. ✍️Orangutan✍️: 148 points (two chicken dinners)

➤ Day 3 Match Summary
✔️ Match 1 Erangel:
– ✍️Winner✍️: Hydra Esports
– ✍️MVP✍️: Tanjot “Ninjaboi” Singh from Global Esports

✔️ Match 2 Miramar:
– ✍️Winner✍️: Revenant Esports
– ✍️MVP✍️: Deepak “Sensei” Negi from Revenant Esports

✔️ Match 3 Sanhok:
– ✍️Winner✍️: Aslaa Esports
– ✍️MVP✍️: KIOLMAO from TWM Gaming

✔️ Match 4 Vikendi:
– ✍️Winner✍️: Reckoning Esports
– ✍️MVP✍️: Harsh “Immortal” Shrivastava from Reckoning Esports

✔️ Match 5 Erangel:
– ✍️Winner✍️: Global Esports
– ✍️MVP✍️: KIOLMAO from TWM Gaming

✔️ Match 6 Miramar:
– ✍️Winner✍️: Aslaa Esports
– ✍️MVP✍️: Anujtooop from WSB Gaming

➤ Event Highlights
The day was marked by impressive performances from various teams, with standout moments including Aslaa Esports securing its first chicken dinner, Global Esports making a comeback with a 22-point victory, and Reckoning Esports dominating on the map of Vikendi. Notably, some underdog teams also showcased remarkable gameplay, adding an element of unpredictability to the finals.

✔️ Q: Where can I watch the Upthrust Esports BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 Grand Finals?
A: The tournament’s live stream and previous match recordings are available on the Upthrust Esports official website or their designated streaming platform.

✔️ Q: Which team secured the most chicken dinners on Day 3?
A: Team XSpark and Aslaa Esports each secured a notable two chicken dinners on Day 3 of the Grand Finals.

✔️ Q: Are there any standout individual performances from Day 3?
A: Yes, players like KIOLMAO from TWM Gaming and Anujtooop from WSB Gaming delivered standout individual performances with multiple solo finishes, earning them the MVP titles in their respective matches.

➤ Conclusion
The Grand Finals of the Upthrust Esports BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 Day 3 showcased the skill, strategy, and determination of the competing teams. As the competition intensifies, fans anticipate more thrilling matches and incredible displays of talent in the remaining event days.

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