Upgrade Your Evo Gun with One Spin in Free Fire’s New Evolution Event

Free Fire has launched an exciting new Evolution event that enables players to directly upgrade their Evo gun skins. This event runs until February 8th, making it easier and more affordable to level up high-tier Evo guns.

How does the Free Fire New Evolution Event work?

To participate in the Evolution event, click the calendar icon and select the Activities tab. You will find a list of eligible Evo gun skins. Choose the skin you want to upgrade and use diamonds to spin for level-ups. Free Fire guarantees an upgrade within a set number of spins, which is displayed for each level. If you succeed before hitting the limit, any unused spins are refunded. The spin cost resets after every upgrade. For instance, upgrading a gun from level 1 to 2 takes just 10 diamonds per spin, capped at 10 spins total.

This event makes acquiring and upgrading Evo guns much more feasible. Players who missed out on these prestigious skins can unlock their full firepower for the first time. Meanwhile, existing Evo gun owners gain an affordable way to boost their weapons to the max level, eliminating the need to spend thousands of diamonds. The spin discounts provide incredible value so be sure to visit the event page today.


1. What are Evo gun skins in Free Fire?

Evolution (Evo) gun skins are high-tier weapon skins in Free Fire that come with unique designs and additional features. These skins can be upgraded to unlock new looks and effects for the corresponding weapon.

2. How long does the Free Fire New Evolution Event last?

The Evolution event runs until February 8th, giving players a limited time to take advantage of the discounted spins for upgrading their Evo gun skins.

3. Can I participate in the Evolution event without spending diamonds?

Participation in the Evolution event requires diamonds for spinning to upgrade Evo gun skins. However, the event offers a discounted cost per spin, making it more affordable for players to upgrade their weapons.


The Free Fire New Evolution Event brings an exciting opportunity for players to upgrade their Evo gun skins with discounted spins. This event not only makes it easier for players to level up their Evo guns but also provides an affordable way for both new and existing Evo gun owners to enhance their weapons. With the event running until February 8th, players should seize this opportunity to maximize the potential of their Evo gun skins.

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