Unveiling the Charms of Lovander: Stats, Breeding Combinations, and More

Palworld’s Lovander has captured the hearts of players with its endearing pursuit of romance and its resourcefulness as a Neutral-type Pal. The tender Lovander offers an invaluable partner skill, passively healing both the player and itself, making it a prized asset while navigating the challenges of the Palpagos Islands. Let’s dive into its habitats, breeding combinations, uses, and more.

Where Can You Find Lovander in Palworld?

Lovander is primarily found in the Dessicated Desert, located at the Northernmost part of the Palpagos Islands. You can access this region through four different teleport points: Sand Dunes Entrance, Duneshelter, PIDF Tower Entrance, and Deep Sand Dunes. Additionally, Lovander can also be spotted in the Twilight Dunes region, especially during the night. It is essential to carry a Dark-elemental Pal, as Lovander is weak against them.

Once captured, Lovander unlocks the powerful partner skill, Heart Drain, which aids in healing during combat. Not only does Lovander possess formidable combat moves like Power Bomb, Implode, and Acid Rain, but it also yields valuable drops such as Flour, Mushrooms, Strange Juice, and Suspicious Juice.

Breeding Combinations for Lovander in Palworld

Lovander offspring can be obtained through specific breeding combinations of low-tier Pals. Here are the Pals that can produce a Lovander offspring when kept as opposite-gender pairs:

  • Sweepa + Lamball
  • Mossanda + Vixy
  • Penking + Jolthog Cryst
  • Mossanda + Cremis
  • Nitewing + Cattiva
  • Incineram + Killamari
  • Cremis + Nitewing

Stats of Lovander (Paldeck No 069):

  • HP: 120
  • Defense: 70
  • Melee: 70
  • Attack: 70
  • Food: 5

Moreover, Lovander is a versatile worker with mining, handiwork, medicine, and transporting proficiencies, making it an asset in various tasks. It can also be combined with other Pals to produce uncommon offspring, expanding breeding possibilities.


1. Can Lovander be found in any other regions besides the Dessicated Desert?

Lovander can also be found in the Twilight Dunes region, especially during the night.

2. What are the key combat moves of Lovander?

Lovander possesses powerful combat moves such as Power Bomb, Implode, and Acid Rain.


Lovander stands out as a valuable companion in the world of Palworld, offering healing abilities, combat prowess, and valuable resources. Its breeding combinations, versatile work proficiencies, and ability to produce uncommon offspring make it a sought-after Pal for players.

Discover the world of Lovander in Palworld and unlock its full potential as a companion and resource provider in your adventures.

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