Unveiling the BGMI Lucky Treasure Crate: Explore All Rewards, Price, and More

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) continually introduces new events and crates, providing players with the opportunity to earn a variety of rewards. The ongoing 2.9 update has ushered in several event crates, one of the highlights being the sought-after Glacier skin line and the Lucky Treasure Crate. This particular crate offers a tempting selection of items, including weapon skins, character costumes, Mythic Fragments, Modification Material Pieces, and scrap coupons.

What Rewards Can You Discover in the Lucky Treasure Crate?

The Lucky Treasure Crate guarantees a reward with each draw during the event. Among the items up for grabs are weapon skins like the Precise Predator MK12 (Level 1), character costumes such as the Spirited Maiden Set, along with the Swift Scarlet Helmet, Classified Label Backpack, and more. The event commenced on January 1st and is scheduled to conclude on January 25th, coinciding with the 2.9 update.

Spirited Maiden Set and Swift Scarlet Helmet

Here’s a Detailed List of the Rewards:

  • Precise Predator MK12 (Level 1)
  • Spirited Maiden Set
  • Spirited Maiden SLR
  • Spirited Maiden Cover
  • Swift Scarlet Helmet
  • Classified Label Backpack
  • Terrific Tidbit Stun Grenade skin
  • 3x Mythic Emblem Fragments
  • 1x Modification Material Piece
  • 3x Premium Crate Coupon Scraps
Precise Predator – Mk12 skin (level 1)

How Can You Draw Rewards from the Lucky Treasure Crate?

The Lucky Treasure Crate offers a unique guarantee of a reward with each draw; however, the cost in Unknown Cash (UC) increases with each draw. The final reward, an exclusive, upgradable Mk12 skin, awaits players who successfully acquire all ten rewards, which requires a total spend of 4,320 UC.

  • 1st draw – 40 UC
  • 2nd draw – 60 UC
  • 3rd draw – 80 UC
  • 4th draw – 120 UC
  • 5th draw – 180 UC
  • 6th draw – 280 UC
  • 7th draw – 420 UC
  • 8th draw – 680 UC
  • 9th draw – 980 UC
  • 10th draw – 1480 UC
Spirited Maiden – SLR skin

The Lucky Treasure Crate presents an excellent opportunity for players to obtain upgradable gun skins, character costumes, and valuable Mythic Fragments and Modification Material Pieces for enhancing their gaming experience.


What is the duration of the Lucky Treasure Crate event in BGMI?

The Lucky Treasure Crate event in BGMI began on January 1st and concludes on January 25th, coinciding with the 2.9 update.

What is the total cost to acquire all ten rewards from the Lucky Treasure Crate in BGMI?

To acquire all ten rewards, players must spend a total of 4,320 UC in the Lucky Treasure Crate event.


The Lucky Treasure Crate in BGMI is a compelling avenue for players to acquire a range of exclusive items, from stylish character costumes to upgradable weapon skins. With enticing rewards and the guarantee of a prize with each draw, it offers an exciting opportunity for players to enhance their in-game experience.

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