Unveiling Orserk: Where to Find, Breeding Combinations, and Capabilities in Palworld

Palworld introduces a captivating world teeming with a diverse array of Pals, each equipped with unique powers suitable for dynamic tasks like transporting, traversing, mining, farming, and more. Among these myriad Pals, a select few showcase remarkable combat prowess, capable of taking down formidable foes. Orserk, an Electric Dragon, stands out as a notable example, renowned for its incredible abilities and work suitabilities.

Where Is Orserk’s Habitat in Palworld?

Orserk can be found in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary located on the northeastern tip of the map. Accessible through the Deep Sand Dunes teleport point, capturing Orserk requires a -type Pal like Ragnahawk, Nitewing, or Vanwyrm to enter the vicinity of the sanctuary. It’s advisable to be at least level 40, equipped with good weaponry, and accompanied by a Ground or Ice-type Pal to capture Orserk, as hostile Pals and level 45 PIDF Infantry soldiers patrol the area. Additionally, a Boss fight against Axel and his Orserk Alpha Pal awaits in the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre in the volcanic biome.

Breeding Combinations for Orserk in Palworld

Given its rarity, spawning Orserk requires specific combinations. The only way to spawn this Electric Dragon is by combining two specific Pals or a male and a female variant of Orserk. The base stats of Orserk include HP: 100, Defense: 100, Melee: 100, Attack: 130, Food: 7, and drops an Electric Organ.

Furthermore, the introduction of Orserk opens the possibility of creating other rare Pals through breeding, including Jormuntide, Suzaku, Azurobe, and Quivern. In addition to its combat abilities, Orserk exhibits potent work suitabilities such as Handiwork Level 2, Transporting Level 3, and Electricity Level 4.


Q: Are there any specific Pal combinations required to capture Orserk in Palworld?

A: Yes, to spawn Orserk, players can either combine two specific Pals, Grizzbolt and another, or breed a male and a female variant of Orserk.

Q: What are the recommended Pal types and player level for capturing Orserk in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary?

A: It is recommended to have a -type Pal like Ragnahawk, Nitewing, or Vanwyrm and be at least level 40 to successfully capture Orserk in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

Q: What are the work suitabilities of Orserk in Palworld?

A: Orserk exhibits work suitabilities including Handiwork Level 2, Transporting Level 3, and Electricity Level 4.


Orserk holds a significant place in the realm of Palworld with its remarkable combat capabilities, distinct habitat, breeding requirements, and the potential to spawn other rare Pals. Capturing Orserk and harnessing its powers is a rewarding endeavor for players seeking to enhance their Pal collection and adventure in the vast and immersive world of Palworld.

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