Unlocking The Finals Hidden Achievements: A Secret Guide

The Finals is the talk of the town among the gaming community due to its groundbreaking gameplay mechanics. Amidst the quest for victory, players often find themselves in pursuit of trophies, with six hidden achievements waiting to be uncovered. To unlock these elusive prizes, players need to employ strategic finesse and creativity. This article provides an insight into the hidden achievements and offers a guide on how to obtain them.

The Finals Hidden Achievements

The six hidden achievements in The Finals are:

  1. Showboaster
  2. Butter Fingers
  3. Sky Bridge Saboteur
  4. Artful Expressionist
  5. Space Rock Skipper
  6. Blast Caster

Requirements to Obtain The Finals Hidden Achievements

Each achievement has unique requirements for unlocking:

  1. Artful Expressionist: Eliminate a player while emoting.
  2. Blast Caster: Place an Explosive Mine on a carriable and get an elimination by throwing it at an enemy.
  3. Butter Fingers: Get eliminated by your own grenade.
  4. Showboaster: Use an emote after eliminating another player.
  5. Sky Bridge Saboteur: Destroy the skybridge in Seoul.
  6. Space Rock Skipper: Bounce a meteor off a Jump Pad during a Meteor Showers event.

How to Obtain The Finals Hidden Achievements

To fulfill the requirements and obtain the hidden achievements, follow these guidelines:

  1. Artful Expressionist: Utilize a Pyro Grenade to start a fire, emote, and stand in the flames before succumbing to them.
  2. Blast Caster: Begin as a Heavy or Medium Build, attach an Explosive Mine to a red canister, and eliminate an enemy by throwing it indoors.
  3. Butter Fingers: Weaken your health, then eliminate yourself by throwing a Frag Grenade at your feet.
  4. Showboaster: Eliminate a player, then use an emote that you have equipped beforehand.
  5. Sky Bridge Saboteur: Find and destroy the sky bridge in Seoul using red canisters, preferably with a Heavy Build for added explosive impact.
  6. Space Rock Skipper: During a Meteor Showers event, bounce a meteor off a Jump Pad to achieve this feat.


How many hidden achievements are there in The Finals?

The game features six hidden achievements awaiting discovery.

Are there any additional rewards for unlocking these hidden achievements?

Although the hidden achievements themselves serve as a testament to players’ prowess, unlocking them may also reward players with in-game bonuses or exclusive content.

Can the hidden achievements be unlocked in specific game modes or maps?

The hidden achievements can typically be unlocked across various game modes and maps, but some may require specific scenarios or locations for completion.

Are there any hints or clues to aid players in discovering the hidden achievements?

Developers may occasionally provide hints or clues through in-game events, community challenges, or social media channels to guide players in uncovering the hidden achievements.


The hidden achievements in The Finals offer a unique challenge to players, requiring them to think outside the box and showcase their mastery of the game’s mechanics. By understanding the requirements and employing strategic tactics, players can unravel these hidden gems, adding an extra layer of excitement to their gaming experience.

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