Unlocking Achievements and Trophies in Tekken 8

Tekken 8, the latest addition to Bandai Namco’s renowned fighting franchise, offers a comprehensive list of achievements and trophies for players to unlock. Whether you’re a casual player or a completionist aiming for 100% completion, Tekken 8 has something for everyone. Below, we’ve outlined all the achievements and trophies available in the game to help you on your journey to becoming a Tekken 8 master.

Achievements and Trophies

Here are the achievements and trophies available in Tekken 8:

  • Story Mode Master: Complete the full story mode.
  • Online Warrior: Win 50 matches in online play.
  • Combo Guru: Successfully perform 100 unique combos in practice mode.
  • Flawless Victory: Win a match without taking any damage.
  • Juggernaut: Perform a 10-hit combo in any game mode.
  • Perfect Defense: Block 100 consecutive attacks without getting hit.
  • King of the Arena: Reach the top rank in online competitive play.
  • Champion of Champions: Win a tournament without losing a single round.
  • It’s Over 9000!: Accumulate 9000 total hit points in battles.
  • Training Connoisseur: Complete all character-specific combo challenges.


How do I track my progress for these achievements and trophies?

You can track your progress in the game’s menu under the “Achievements” or “Trophies” section. Here, you will see which ones you have unlocked and how close you are to completing the remaining achievements and trophies.

Do I need to play on a specific difficulty level to unlock these achievements?

No, these achievements and trophies can be unlocked on any difficulty level, allowing players to tailor their experience based on their skill level and preference.

Can I unlock achievements and trophies in local multiplayer or is it limited to online play?

Achievements and trophies can be unlocked in both local and online play, providing flexibility for players to earn them through their preferred mode of gameplay.


Whether you’re battling through the story mode, competing in online matches, or refining your skills in practice mode, the achievements and trophies in Tekken 8 offer a variety of challenges to showcase your mastery of the game. Good luck on your journey to becoming a Tekken 8 maestro!

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