Understanding the Signature Attachments in Call of Duty Mobile

The Signature Attachment is a special type of enhancement in Call of Duty Mobile. Over time, Call of Duty (COD) Mobile has introduced various attachments to improve weapon stats such as damage, recoil, and aim-down-sight speed. While normal attachments can be acquired by leveling up the weapon, Signature attachments can only be unlocked by completing specific challenges. These attachments provide unique strengths to your weapon or compensate for its drawbacks. Here’s all you need to know about signature attachments in Call of Duty Mobile and how to unlock them.

What Are Signature Attachments in Call of Duty Mobile?

Signature attachments are special weapon enhancements in Call of Duty Mobile that can only be unlocked by completing certain challenges. These attachments are exclusive to specific weapons and can only be equipped on those weapons. For instance, the latest Signature attachment released was specifically designed for the UL 736 light machine gun (LMG).

Initially, these attachments were only available through completing seasonal challenges. However, the developers later enabled the unlocking of Signature attachments through more traditional challenges. The first Signature attachment released in COD Mobile was the HBRa3 – Thunderbolt Sling, introduced during Season 2: Task Force 141 in March 2022.

Here is a list of all the available Signature Attachments in Call of Duty Mobile as of Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 Soldier’s Tale:

  • 1. [Signature Attachment Name]: [Weapon Name]
  • 2. [Signature Attachment Name]: [Weapon Name]
  • 3. [Signature Attachment Name]: [Weapon Name]
  • 4. [Signature Attachment Name]: [Weapon Name]

How to Unlock Signature Attachments?

To unlock Signature attachments, players need to complete specific challenges assigned by Call of Duty Mobile. These challenges can vary from weapon-specific tasks to more general gameplay objectives. Players must meet the requirements of these challenges to earn the respective Signature attachment for their weapon.


Q: Can Signature attachments be equipped on any weapon in Call of Duty Mobile?

A: No, Signature attachments are unique to specific weapons and can only be equipped on those particular weapons.

Q: Are Signature attachments only available through seasonal challenges?

A: While Signature attachments were initially accessible through seasonal challenges, the developers later introduced traditional challenges as a means to unlock these attachments.

Q: How can I track my progress for unlocking Signature attachments?

A: Players can track their progress for unlocking Signature attachments in the ‘Challenges’ section of Call of Duty Mobile. This feature allows them to monitor the status of their ongoing challenges and the corresponding rewards.


The introduction of Signature attachments in Call of Duty Mobile adds depth to the gameplay by providing players with unique goals to strive for. By completing specific challenges, players can earn these exclusive enhancements, adding a personalized touch to their gameplay experience and offering a competitive edge in the battlefield.

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