Top 5 Smartest Fortnite Players (2024)

Without a doubt, Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon and one of the most popular games ever. The game keeps pushing itself toward the metaverse, with Hollywood celebrities organizing concerts and crossovers with other famous franchises. However, just like Call of Duty, Fortnite also has extremely smart players that change the game’s fate and bring many new players to the title.

The community has seen some shocking moves from gamers in competitive matches, but the question still remains: who are the smartest players in Fortnite? In this article, we’ll reveal the top five players considered the smartest in Fortnite.

5 Smartest Fortnite Players of All Time

Fortnite is one of the competitive titles in the Battle Royale genre. The game requires more than skills and reflexes to succeed, and only the smartest players can pull off this task.

To determine who the most brilliant Fortnite players of all time are, we need to take a look at their abilities and behavior while playing a game. Here is a list of some of the smartest Fortnite players –

1. Bugha
Kyle Giersdorf, better known as Bugha, is the smartest Fortnite player of all time. He won the 2019 Fortnite World Cup at the age of 16. Bugha has won multiple FNCs, giving him a top-tier reputation in the entire Fortnite Community. He has an exquisite understanding of the game’s mechanics and can fetch a victory even when the odds are stacked against him.

2. Ninja
Ninja is considered to be a legend in the world of Fortnite. It’s impossible to talk about Fortnite without mentioning Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, as he is one of the most famous Fortnite players. Due to his ability to turn gaming into a million-dollar career, without a doubt, he’s one of the smartest players. Ninja has made a name for himself in the gaming space and used the popularity of Fortnite to make a broader streaming career.

3. MrSavage
One of the most innovative Fortnite players comes from Norway. Martin Foss Andersen, also known as MrSavage, has risen to the top of the competitive Fortnite world. He began rising to the game in 2019 when he joined NRG eSports at age 15. He has been dominating Fortnite with technically talented and skillful gaming abilities.

4. Zayt
Zayt earned over a million dollars through competing in professional Fortnite tournaments. He was known for competing as a duo with Saf in the Fortnite World Cup. In the World Cup, the two players steamrolled the entire tournament and remained in the top spot until the end of the competition. Although they finished fourth, Zayt dominated the North American competitive scene before retiring.

5. TaySon
Tai Starčič, better known as TaySon, was born in Slovenia in 2004. He is a young star and is on this list due to his creativity and productivity as a young player. He began his career in 2019 at the age of 15. While he’s not as well-known as some of the other players on this list, his presence has made ripples in the professional Fortnite realm.


Q: What makes these players the smartest in Fortnite?
A: The smartest players in Fortnite are determined based on their strategic gameplay, innovative tactics, and consistent success in competitive matches. These players have been able to outmaneuver opponents and demonstrate exceptional game knowledge, decision-making, and resource management.

Q: Is there a specific ranking system to determine the smartest Fortnite players?
A: The ranking of the smartest Fortnite players is subjective and based on their performance, achievements, and impact on the game’s competitive scene. Factors such as tournament wins, influence on the gaming community, and ability to adapt to game updates contribute to their placement in the ranking.


The smartest Fortnite players have not only showcased exceptional gaming skills but have also demonstrated intelligence, adaptability, and innovation in their gameplay. These players have left a lasting impact on the Fortnite community and continue to influence the evolving competitive landscape of the game.

As the Fortnite metaverse expands and the competitive scene continues to thrive, these players will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of strategic gameplay and serve as role models for aspiring gamers looking to excel in the world of Fortnite.

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