Top 10 Fortnite Emotes to Use in 2024

# The Top 10 Fortnite Emotes to Use in 2024

Fortnite offers a vast array of emotes that allow players to inject style and flair into their gameplay. While the choice of emotes is highly subjective, some emotes consistently rank high in popularity and rarity. Here are our picks for the top 10 Fortnite emotes to use in 2024:

1. ✍️Welcome!✍️: An OG emote featuring a cheerful wave, this emote was a Season 3 Battle Pass reward and has not returned since, making it highly sought-after.

2. ✍️Kiss the Cup✍️: A celebratory emote involving kissing a golden trophy, it was available in the Season 9 Item Shop and has not made a return since, adding to its appeal.

3. ✍️Zombie Shambles✍️: This creepy emote features your character walking like a zombie. It was a limited-time reward during the Fortnitemares event and is rarely seen nowadays.

4. ✍️Hot Marat✍️: An energetic dance routine, this emote has only appeared twice in the Item Shop since its release in 2018, making it a prized possession for many players.

5. ✍️Headbanger✍️: This emote allows you to rock out to some heavy metal music. It was part of the Travis Scott in-game concert event and hasn’t been available since, making it a favorite among music fans.

6. ✍️Take the L✍️: An iconic dance move, it remains a classic way to taunt opponents. While it can be considered toxic by some, it’s undeniably fun and instantly recognizable.

7. ✍️Orange Justice✍️: Another OG emote, Orange Justice features a goofy dance that’s become a Fortnite meme. Its simplicity and catchiness make it a popular choice for expressing joy or silliness.

8. ✍️Electro Shuffle✍️: This energetic dance with neon light effects is perfect for showing off your love for EDM music. It’s a fan favorite for its cool visuals and upbeat rhythm.

9. ✍️Wow!✍️: This versatile emote shows your character saying “Wow!” with wide eyes, making it handy for expressing surprise, excitement, or even sarcasm.

10. ✍️Never Gonna Give You Up✍️: This emote lets you rickroll your friends in Fortnite and features a dance routine to match a snippet of Rick Astley’s famous song.

Ultimately, the best emotes in Fortnite for you depend on your own preferences and style. Consider what kind of vibe you want to project and what emotions you want to express when choosing your emotes.


✔️ How do I get these emotes?
These emotes can be obtained through various means such as the Item Shop, Battle Pass rewards, limited-time events, and gifting from friends.

✔️ Are these emotes available for all platforms?
Yes, these emotes are available for all platforms where Fortnite is supported, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

✔️ Can I trade or sell these emotes?
No, emotes in Fortnite cannot be traded or sold. Once obtained, they are permanently added to your emote collection for personal use in the game.

✔️ Will these emotes ever return to the Item Shop?
While some emotes have not returned since their initial release, there is always a possibility that they may reappear in the Item Shop during special events or promotions.

➤ Conclusion
Selecting the best emotes in Fortnite is a matter of personal taste and style. The emotes listed here are popular choices known for their rarity, entertainment value, and iconic status. Whether you’re aiming to showcase celebratory dance moves, taunt your opponents, or express joy and excitement, these emotes offer a range of options to enhance your Fortnite experience.

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