Thea Booysen, MrBeast’s Girlfriend, Ventures into Esports Ownership

The esports industry has seen a significant development in South Africa as Thea Booysen, a renowned esports caster, content creator, and streamer, has stepped into a new role as the official co-owner of Nixuh, a prominent esports organization in the region. This partnership is set to bring about a transformation in the esports landscape across the country and aims to provide international recognition to content creators.

Thea Booysen’s Diverse Portfolio and New Role

Thea Booysen, known for her work as an esports caster for Disney Lorcana and her YouTube channel named TheaBeasty, has ventured into a new challenge by co-owning Nixuh, an esports organization with a rapidly growing reputation in South Africa. In addition to her casting and content creation, she has also authored a book titled “The Marked Children,” which received acclaim upon its release.

In her announcement video, Thea expressed her commitment to placing South Africa on the global esports and gaming map, emphasizing her goal to empower and bring recognition to the region’s talented content creators. This move is part of her vision to support and elevate local influencers to international prominence, addressing the challenges they often face in reaching a wider audience beyond their home country.

Nixuh’s Open Invitation for Content Creators

In conjunction with her new role, Thea Booysen, through Nixuh, has extended an open invitation to content creators from around the world, emphasizing a commitment to shaping the future of entertainment. The organization is seeking individuals passionate about contributing to the evolution of the industry, whether as streaming personalities or talented behind-the-scenes professionals.

Thea Booysen’s Following and Future Prospects

With a substantial following on social media platforms and her previous accomplishments in the gaming and entertainment spheres, Thea Booysen’s transition to esports ownership sets the stage for an exciting collaborative journey with Nixuh. Her diverse skill set and influence, coupled with Nixuh’s burgeoning prominence, indicate a promising future for the partnership in reshaping the esports landscape in South Africa and beyond.


What is Nixuh?

Nixuh is an esports organization based in South Africa that has gained significant recognition within a short period of time. It aims to elevate the esports and gaming scene in the region and provide opportunities for talented content creators.

What are Thea Booysen’s key roles and accomplishments?

Thea Booysen is an accomplished esports caster, content creator, Twitch streamer, and author. She has previously worked on Disney Lorcana as a caster and has a dedicated YouTube channel, Twitch stream, and a published book titled “The Marked Children.”

How can content creators engage with Nixuh?

Nixuh has announced an open invitation for content creators worldwide who are passionate about contributing to the future of entertainment. Those interested can fill out an application to be considered for potential collaboration and involvement with Nixuh.


Thea Booysen’s entry into esports ownership through her partnership with Nixuh signifies a new chapter in the evolution of the esports landscape in South Africa. Her commitment to providing international recognition to local content creators, coupled with Nixuh’s growing prominence, sets the stage for a transformative journey in the industry. Together, they aim to empower and elevate the esports and gaming scene, creating exciting prospects for the future of entertainment in the region.

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