The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Desert Heat in Palworld

Palworld, with its diverse biomes, offers players an array of challenges, one being the scorching desert heat. Navigating this hostile environment requires players to take specific measures to ensure their survival. This guide provides essential tips on how to thrive in the desert biome of Palworld.

How to Survive Desert Heat in Palworld?

The desert harbors extreme temperatures that can cause constant damage to players. To mitigate the effects of the heat and explore this harsh environment safely, it is vital to equip the appropriate clothing. The Tropical Outfit and the Heat-Resistant Pelt Armor are essential for protecting against the scorching heat of the desert.

How to Craft Tropical Outfit in Palworld?

The Tropical Outfit, a heat-resistant armor, consists of two pieces and becomes available at tier Level 9. Crafting this essential armor requires specific resources that can be acquired through crafting and collection.

How to Craft the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor?

Another crucial armor for surviving the harsh temperatures in the desert is the Heat-Resistant Pelt Armor. To craft this armor, players need resources such as Flame Organs and leather, available through crafting, collection, or from a Wandering Merchant located in the Small Settlement near the starting point.


Q: Can I explore the desert without the necessary clothing?

A: Without the appropriate clothing, the desert’s extreme heat will cause constant damage to the player, making it essential to equip the Tropical Outfit or Heat-Resistant Pelt Armor.

Q: Where can I obtain the resources to craft the necessary armor?

A: Resources for crafting the Tropical Outfit and the Heat-Resistant Pelt Armor are available through crafting and collection, and can also be purchased from a Wandering Merchant or obtained from defeated Foxparks.

Q: Are there any other strategies to survive the desert heat in Palworld?

A: In addition to wearing the appropriate armor, players can also seek shelter in shaded areas or carry water to stay hydrated and combat the desert heat.


Surviving the desert heat in Palworld is a challenging but achievable feat with the right preparation. Equipping the Tropical Outfit or Heat-Resistant Pelt Armor is crucial for exploring the desert biome without succumbing to the extreme temperatures. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide, players will be well-equipped to conquer the unforgiving desert environment in Palworld. Good luck and stay safe!

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