The Ultimate Guide to Lumbering and Logging Pals in Palworld

Palworld is an expansive game with a vast array of Pals, each with unique capabilities and specializations. Among these, some Pals are particularly adept at lumbering and logging, essential tasks for gathering resources. In this guide, we’ll explore the best lumbering Pals for each phase in Palworld and provide tips for finding and utilizing them effectively.

Best Pals for Lumbering/Logging in Palworld

Best Lumbering Pals in the Early Game Stage

In the early game phase, the following Pals are especially effective for logging:
– Tanzee
– Lifmunks
– Robinquill

These Pals have a Lumbering level 1 suitability, making them ideal for early game resource gathering.

Best Lumbering Pals in the Mid-Game Phase

As you progress into the mid-game phase, consider acquiring Pals with Lumbering level 2 suitability, such as:
– Mossanda
– Eikthyrdeer
– Dinossum
– Elphidran

These Pals offer enhanced efficiency and productivity for logging and resource gathering.

Best Lumbering Pals in the End-Game Stage

In the end-game phase, you can aim to acquire Pals with level 3 Lumbering suitability, including:
– Wumpo
– Wumpo Botan
– Warsect
– Bushi

These high-level Pals are invaluable for maximizing your logging efficiency and resource acquisition as you progress into the later stages of the game.

Players can also build structures like the Stump and Axe at their bases to further enhance the logging efficiency of their Pals. These upgrades unlock at level 28 and require 2 Tech points, as well as specific resources to construct.


Where can I find these logging Pals?

The locations of logging Pals vary throughout the game world. Consult in-game maps or community resources for specific spawn points and regions where these Pals can be found.

What other tasks can these Pals perform?

While these Pals excel at logging and lumbering, they may also possess other useful abilities for tasks such as combat, farming, and construction.

Are there any special items or equipment I need to optimize logging efficiency?

Besides acquiring efficient logging Pals, players can enhance their logging capabilities by constructing structures and utilizing specialized tools available in the game, such as the Stump and Axe.


In Palworld, the choice of Pals for logging and lumbering tasks can significantly impact your resource gathering efficiency at different stages of the game. By strategically acquiring and utilizing Pals with suitable abilities, as well as investing in relevant structures and tools, players can ensure a steady and plentiful supply of resources for their bases and progression in Palworld.

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