The Finals Patch 1.4.1 Update: Aim Assist Nerfed, Bug Fixes, and More

The Finals, a popular online gaming community, has recently released Patch 1.4.1, marking its first official update of the year. This minor update primarily focuses on improving gameplay elements, addressing issues related to aim assist, fair play, and bug fixes.

Updates in The Finals Patch 1.4.1 (11 Jan 2024)

The developers have made significant changes to the aim assist feature based on feedback from the gaming community and data analysis. One of the major issues addressed was the aim assist feature locking on to invisible players, which has now been fixed. This means that controller players will now have to rely less on aim assist and instead hone their aim skills to spot invisible opponents.

Furthermore, adjustments have been made to camera magnetism and zoom snapping to reduce the reliance of controller players on the aim assist feature. Additionally, measures have been taken to prevent players from using re-mapping programs such as REWASD, ensuring fair play across the board.

Despite being a minor update, Patch 1.4.1 has set the stage for a larger forthcoming update. The developers have hinted at a major security fix and exciting new content that will be rolled out in the next update, offering players fresh experiences and addressing security concerns within the game.


What was the major issue with aim assist in The Finals Patch 1.4.1?

The aim assist feature had a bug that caused it to lock on to invisible players, giving controller players an unfair advantage. This issue has been rectified in the latest update.

What changes have been made to address the aim assist problem in Patch 1.4.1?

In response to the aim assist issue, adjustments to camera magnetism and zoom snapping have been implemented, reducing the reliance on aim assist for controller players and emphasizing the need for improved aiming skills.

What can players expect from the next major update mentioned by the developers?

The next update is set to include a major security fix and introduce new exciting content for all players, promising an enhanced gaming experience and addressing security concerns within the game.


The Finals Patch 1.4.1 brings about essential improvements to the game, particularly in addressing aim assist issues and enhancing fair play. The forthcoming major update hints at a more secure gaming environment and exciting new content for the players to look forward to.

Overall, these updates reflect the developers’ commitment to continuously improving The Finals and ensuring a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience for its dedicated player base.

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