The Best Ways to Harvest Beautiful Flowers in Palworld

Palworld encompasses various gameplay mechanics spanning numerous game genres to bring a captivating survival-crafting experience to its players. The game features a diverse list of items and materials that you can use for various purposes. However, one such material, the Beautiful Flower, is an essential ingredient for crafting Strange and Suspicious Juices for your Pals. Here are all the best ways to farm them.

How to Obtain Beautiful Flowers in Palworld

There are two ways to obtain the Beautiful Flower in Palworld. The first one involves hunting down various Pals that offer this resource as a drop both when they are captured or killed. These include:
– Ribunny
– Petallia
– Wumpo / Wumpo Botan
– Lyleen

If you are a beginner, it’s recommended to begin your search for this flower with Ribunny. It can easily be located near the Ascetic Falls and the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon fast travel points on the southern part of the map. Ribunnies can also be found at Ice Wind and Eastern Wild Islands. However, if you are in the mid-game stage, it’s recommended to hunt down Petallia and Wumpo as they provide more Beautiful Flowers than the Ribunny.

Petallia can be found in Wildlife Sanctuary No. 1 on the very southern edge of the map, with its closest fast travel point being the Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach. Wumpo can be found in the snowy biomes at the very north of the map from the Land of Absolute Zero to the Unthawable Lake fast travel points, while Wumpo Botan can also be captured from Wildlife Sanctuary No. 2, just above the Ruined Fortress City point in the Volcanic biome.

The second and best way to harvest Beautiful Flowers in Palworld requires you to equip a strong setup and venture out into Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3. This island can be found in the northernmost tip of the Palpagos Islands, east of the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point. The southern part of the island will provide you with an abundance of Beautiful Flowers as well as numerous Lyleens that can be killed or captured. You will find at least 7-8 of these red flowers beside small rocks and boulders, and you can repeat this process every few days to obtain more.

It’s recommended that you are in the late-game stage or at least reach player level 40 before venturing out into this area as traversing this Island is considered a criminal offense and you will receive a ‘Wanted’ rating with numerous high-tier guards trying to take you down. Make sure to carry potent weapons and Pals in your party to handle them. You will also need to be wary of the rare Pals that roam around this sanctuary, as most of them will be level 40 and above.


Q: What are Beautiful Flowers used for in Palworld?

Beautiful Flowers are essential for crafting Strange and Suspicious Juices for your Pals in Palworld.

Q: Can Beautiful Flowers be found in specific locations?

Yes, Beautiful Flowers can be found in specific locations such as the Wildlife Sanctuaries and various biomes around the Palpagos Islands.

Q: At what player level is it recommended to venture into Wildlife Sanctuary No.3?

It is recommended to be at least at player level 40 before venturing into Wildlife Sanctuary No.3 due to the high-tier guards and rare Pals present in the area.


Harvesting Beautiful Flowers in Palworld can be an adventurous and challenging experience. Whether you choose to hunt down specific Pals or venture into the Wildlife Sanctuaries, always ensure that you are adequately equipped for the journey. As you gather these essential resources, be mindful of the dangers that await and enjoy the immersive experience that Palworld has to offer.

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