The Best Pals for Transporting Items in Palworld

The Palpagos Islands are home to over 110 Pals with unique powers and skills, making them invaluable companions for various tasks such as combat, traversal, and farming. Additionally, these Pals can be assigned to transport items and resources autonomously, simplifying the management of your village. Let’s explore the best Pals for transporting goods in Palworld.

Best Pals for Transporting in Palworld

If you’re in the early stages of the game, several Pals are suitable for hauling items, including:

– Elizabee
– Fluffshroom
– Lanternpaw
– Rockfrog
– Horsanip

These Pals have a level one transporting suitability and are conveniently located near your base, making them ideal for beginners.

For players at a slightly higher level, Pals with Transporting Level 2 are recommended, including Beegarde, Anubis, Bushi, Verdash, Robinquill, and Lovander. These Pals offer not only transportation skills but also versatility in other areas, making them valuable additions to your team.

In the mid to late-game stage, players can capture Pals with level 3 and level 4 transporting suitability, such as Mossandra, Gorirat, Beakon, Wumpo, Wumpo Botan, and Helzephyr. These Pals are potent for hauling items and resources and can be found in various biomes across the Palpagos Islands.

Mossandra, for instance, can be found in the Bamboo Grove or east of the Mount Flopie Summit fast travel point. Beakon roams the northernmost part of the map in the desert biome, while Wumpo and Wumpo Botan are located in the northwest Snowy biome and No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary, respectively.

The Helzephyr stands out as an exceptional Pal for transporting goods and resources due to its level 4 transporting suitability. As the supreme hauler in Palworld, the Helzephyr eliminates distractions by focusing solely on hauling items. However, capturing a Helzephyr can be challenging as it is a nocturnal creature found in the large green island in the north of the map.


How do I capture Pals for transporting in Palworld?

To capture Pals, you will need to use various capture tools available in the game. Additionally, understanding a Pal’s behavior and habitat can help locate and capture them effectively.

Can I use multiple Pals for transporting items simultaneously?

Yes, you can assign multiple Pals to transport items and resources simultaneously, allowing for efficient and autonomous operation of your village.

Are there any challenges in capturing Pals with higher transporting suitability levels?

Capturing Pals with higher transporting suitability levels may pose greater challenges, such as their elusive nature or specific habitats. Players may need to strategize and prepare accordingly to capture these Pals successfully.


The diverse world of Palworld offers a plethora of Pals with varying levels of transporting suitability, each bringing its unique abilities to the table. Whether you are in the early stages or the mid to late-game phase, choosing the right Pals for transporting items is crucial for efficient village management and resource logistics. By understanding the strengths and locations of these Pals, players can build a formidable team for transporting goods and resources in Palworld.

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