The Best Mods in Lethal Company

Zeekerss’ co-op survival horror game, Lethal Company, has gained rapid popularity due to its gory aesthetic and unlimited replayability. However, the modding community has further enhanced the game, introducing a variety of upgrades that make the gameplay more intense, challenging, and enjoyable. Let’s take a look at the top mods that add a new dimension to the Lethal Company experience.

Top 5 Best Mods in Lethal Company

Embrace Chaos with 40 Players

The BiggerLobby mod takes Lethal Company to new heights by expanding the default four-player capacity to a staggering forty. This injects chaos into the game, allowing players to traverse hazardous moons with a massive crew. The absurdity of seeing a horde of hazmat-suited players crammed into tight spaces adds a humorous twist to the horror.

Join the Expedition Anytime

For those tardy crewmates who consistently join games after the mission has commenced, the LateCompany mod is the perfect solution. This mod lets players hop into ongoing expeditions, eliminating the need to wait for a new round. LateCompany ensures that every player can participate, regardless of when they arrive.

Your Teammates’ Voices Turned Against You

The Skinwalkers mod introduces an eerie mechanic by having monsters mimic your friends’ voices. Recorded audio from your crewmates is played back, creating a spine-chilling atmosphere where distinguishing friend from foe becomes a challenge. This mod intensifies the psychological horror of Lethal Company.

Illuminate the Darkness

Tired of dropping items just to use your flashlight? The Flashlight Toggle mod eliminates this frustration by letting players activate their flashlight at any time, even while holding other items. The F key becomes a convenient toggle switch, enhancing visibility and streamlining exploration.

Elevating the Visual Experience

Graphics matter, even in an indie game, and the HD Lethal Company mod enhances the visual appeal by introducing antialiasing, improved resolution, and eliminating pixelated edges. This mod caters to players seeking a more polished and detailed representation of the horrors within Lethal Company.

The thriving modding community has elevated Lethal Company into a dynamic and customizable experience, allowing players to tailor their gameplay to their preferences. Whether it is seeking chaos with larger lobbies, enhancing visuals, or adding spine-chilling elements, there is a mod for you.


Q: Are mods safe to use in Lethal Company?
A: While most mods are safe to use, it’s always recommended to download them from reputable sources to avoid potential issues with your game or computer.

Q: Can I use multiple mods simultaneously in Lethal Company?
A: Yes, Lethal Company is compatible with multiple mods, allowing players to combine different enhancements for a personalized experience.

Q: Do mods affect online gameplay in Lethal Company?
A: Some mods may affect online play, so it’s important to check compatibility and inform other players if mods are being used to avoid any conflicts or issues.


The modding community has significantly enriched the Lethal Company experience, offering players a range of enhancements to customize their gameplay. From expanding player capacity to adding atmospheric and visual improvements, the top mods mentioned here provide exciting options for players to enjoy Lethal Company in new and immersive ways.

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