The Best Light Loadouts in the Game

➤ The Best Light Loadouts in The Finals

The Finals offers players three unique loadout options: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each loadout plays a crucial role in team play, with the Light loadout being the most popular choice currently, particularly the Cloaking Device build, which allows for a combination of stealth and offensive playstyles. Let’s take a closer look at the top light loadouts in The Finals:

✔️ Loadout 1
– ✍️Weapon:✍️ XP-54
– ✍️Gadgets:✍️ Breach Charge, Pyro Grenade, Glitch Grenade
– ✍️Specialization:✍️ Cloaking Device

The XP-54, similar to an MP5, excels at medium and long-range combat. The breaching charge allows for quick access to objective locations, while the pyro grenade can disrupt and damage enemies. The glitch grenade works synergistically with the pyro grenade, disabling enemy gadgets and specializing in effective attacks.

✔️ Loadout 2
– ✍️Weapon:✍️ M11 pistol machine gun
– ✍️Gadgets:✍️ Vanishing Bomb, Smoke Grenade, Goo Grenade
– ✍️Specialization:✍️ Cloaking Device

The M11 pistol machine gun is effective in close-quarter combat. The loadout emphasizes stealth, with the smoke grenade and vanishing bomb providing cover and the goo grenade effectively blocking off areas.

✔️ Loadout 3
– ✍️Weapon:✍️ SH1900 or Sword
– ✍️Gadgets:✍️ Flex Pick, Stun Gun, Glitch Grenade
– ✍️Specialization:✍️ Evasive Dash

This loadout focuses on close combat, featuring the SH1900 shotgun and evasive dash for quick and strategic movement. The stun gun helps isolate targets, and the glitch grenade works to eliminate enemy gadgets.

These loadouts offer valuable combinations for various playstyles in The Finals, catering to both aggressive and stealthy tactics.


✔️ What is the best light loadout for a more aggressive playstyle?
For a more aggressive approach, Loadout 3 with the SH1900 shotgun and Evasive Dash specialization is well-suited.

✔️ Which light loadout is better for stealth and long-range combat?
Loadout 1, featuring the XP-54 and Cloaking Device specialization, is optimal for stealth and long-range combat.

✔️ Can loadouts be customized in The Finals?
Yes, players have the flexibility to customize their loadouts based on their preferred playstyle, weapons, and gadgets.

➤ Conclusion

In The Finals, selecting the right light loadout is essential for success. Whether players prefer stealthy approaches, aggressive tactics, or a balance of both, the available weapons, gadgets, and specializations provide a diverse range of options to cater to individual player preferences and team strategies. By considering the strengths and advantages of each loadout, players can adapt their playstyle and maximize their effectiveness in the game.

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