Tencent to Develop Mobile Version of Elden Ring: Gaming Industry Shakeup Imminent

Tencent, a prominent Chinese tech giant, is reportedly in the process of creating a mobile version of the critically acclaimed action RPG “Elden Ring.” According to sources familiar with the matter, Tencent acquired the licensing rights for “Elden Ring” from FromSoftware in 2022 and has since assembled a team to work on the mobile adaptation. This development coincided with Tencent’s acquisition of a 16% stake in FromSoftware.

Tencent’s Plans For The Mobile Version of Elden Ring

Elden Ring, a collaboration between author George R. R. Martin and game designer Hidetaka Miyazaki, received widespread acclaim upon its release in 2022. Selling approximately 20 million copies within its first year, the game’s immersive fantasy world and intense action gameplay quickly propelled it to become one of the best-selling games of the year. In an ambitious move, Tencent reportedly intends to transform the game into a free-to-play experience with in-app purchases, drawing inspiration from the success of titles like “Genshin Impact” developed by rival company miHoYo.

Tencent’s Previous Attempts and Competition

Tencent’s venture into adapting major console games for the mobile market is not without precedent. However, its previous endeavors have met with mixed success, with projects like the “Nier” franchise reportedly being canceled over monetization concerns. In the fiercely competitive gaming landscape, Tencent faces increasing pressure to deliver new hits to sustain growth. Despite continued success with titles like “PUBG Mobile,” recent releases have failed to meet expectations. Consequently, Tencent is exploring new avenues and strategies to maintain its position in the market.

The Risk of Turning Elden Ring into Another Mobile Game

By diversifying its gaming portfolio, Tencent aims to navigate the evolving market dynamics. As competition intensifies and gaming sector growth stabilizes, securing a new hit title becomes imperative for the company’s continued success.

As of now, Tencent and FromSoftware have not officially commented on the development of the mobile version of “Elden Ring.” The gaming community eagerly awaits updates on this ambitious project, poised to witness how Tencent navigates the challenges of adapting this beloved title for mobile platforms.


Is “Elden Ring” currently available on mobile?

No, “Elden Ring” is not available on mobile platforms at present. Tencent’s development of a mobile adaptation is in progress.

Will the mobile version of “Elden Ring” be free-to-play?

Tencent reportedly aims to make the mobile version of “Elden Ring” a free-to-play experience with in-app purchases, drawing inspiration from the success of “Genshin Impact.”

Have Tencent’s previous attempts at adapting console games for mobile been successful?

Tencent’s previous endeavors in this area have met with varying degrees of success. Projects like the “Nier” franchise reportedly faced challenges and concerns over monetization, with some projects being canceled.


Tencent’s pursuit of a mobile adaptation of “Elden Ring” marks a significant move in the gaming industry, as the company seeks to emulate the success of titles like “Genshin Impact” in the mobile gaming realm. However, the shift from a traditional paid model to a free-to-play experience with in-app purchases presents potential challenges and uncertainties. The gaming community eagerly anticipates further updates on this ambitious project, heralding a potential new era in mobile gaming.

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