Telegram: Steps to hide your contact information

Telegram is a famous instant messaging application and millions of users around the world are using it. The telegram was firstly launched for the iOS devices on 14th August 2013 and later launched for the android devices in October 2013. Telegram users can also use the application for end-to-end encrypted video calling.

If a new user wants to join Telegram, then he/she must have to provide the contact number for a signup, and after signup, users have to set up the username, by which their friends or family can search on the application to talk to you.

There are two ways to add users to Telegram:-

  • By Using Contact Information (Phone number)
  • By Using the Username

If a Telegram user doesn’t want to show their contact information to the other users in Telegram then they can hide this information by simply following the below-given steps:-

Open the application and click the three sleeping lines on the left upper corner.
Click on the” Setting”.

After opening the Settings, click on the “Privacy & Security “ button.

Users can see the “Phone Number” option on the Privacy.

Click on the Phone Number button where you have three options to select.

Who can see my phone number?

Who can find me by my number?

Add exceptions

If a user wants to hide the contact information then they should select the “Nobody” option from the 1st tab and if a user doesn’t want that user can find them by using their phone number then you have to select the “My Contacts” tab so that the contact in your phonebook can find you on Telegram.

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