Tekken 8: A Comprehensive Guide to Editions, Prices, and Platforms

Bandai Namco’s highly anticipated upcoming game in the Tekken series, Tekken 8, is set to offer an array of options for fans. With 32 re-imagined fighters and exciting new features, the game is poised to deliver exhilarating gameplay. To assist players in making well-informed purchase decisions, let’s delve into the different editions of the game, their prices, and available pre-order bonuses for each variant.

Tekken 8 Editions and Prices

The game comes in four different editions with varying content based on their price points:

1. Standard Edition
– Base game with pre-order bonuses
– Prices:
– Xbox Series X/S: 69.99 EUR / 69.99 USD / 4,974 INR
– PlayStation 5: 69.99 EUR / 69.99 USD / 4,799 INR
– PC: 69.99 EUR / 69.99 USD / 4,199 INR

2. Deluxe Edition
– Base game, pre-order bonuses, and additional content such as playable character pass, additional playable characters, avatar skins, and more
– Prices:
– Xbox Series X/S: 99.99 EUR / 99.99 USD / 7,199 INR
– PlayStation 5: 99.99 EUR / 99.99 USD / 7,199 INR
– PC: 99.99 EUR / 99.99 USD / 5,999 INR

3. Ultimate Edition
– Includes all content from the standard and deluxe editions, along with extras like a classic Tekken T-shirt set and additional avatar skins
– Prices:
– Xbox Series X/S: 119.99 EUR / 109.99 USD / 7,999 INR
– PlayStation 5: 119.99 EUR / 109.99 USD / 7,999 INR
– PC: 109.99 EUR / 109.99 USD / 6,599 INR

4. Premium Collector’s Edition
– Physical goodies, including an electrified Jin figurine, special steelbook, collectible cards, metal ring, and arcade token
– Prices:
– Xbox Series X/S: 279.99 EUR / 299.99 USD / 25,308 INR (approx)
– PlayStation 5: 279.99 EUR / 299.99 USD / 25,308 INR (approx)
– PC: 269.99 EUR / 293.49 USD (approx) / 24,403 INR (approx)

Do note that prices may vary when purchasing from third-party retailers, and the above prices are based on official listings.

Platforms and Pre-order Bonuses

Tekken 8 is available for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC, with each platform offering specific pre-order bonuses. Xbox and PC users receive the Paul Phoenix Arcade Quest costume as a pre-order bonus for the standard edition, while PlayStation users get the Tetsujin and Mokujin avatar skins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When will Tekken 8 be released?

A: The release date for Tekken 8 is [release date], and pre-orders are currently available.

Q: Can I purchase the pre-order bonuses separately?

A: At present, pre-order bonuses are only available through specific editions of the game and may not be offered separately.

Q: Are there any differences in gameplay between the editions?

A: No, the gameplay remains consistent across all editions. The differences lie in the additional content and physical items offered.


Tekken 8’s array of editions and pre-order bonuses cater to a wide range of players, offering various content and physical items to enhance the gaming experience. Whether players opt for the standard edition or the premium collector’s edition, each variant provides its own set of unique offerings, making for an exciting launch for Tekken enthusiasts.

With this comprehensive guide, players can now make informed decisions about which edition of Tekken 8 best suits their preferences, budget, and desired gaming experience.

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