Staying Safe in Lego Fortnite: A Guide to Fire Safety and Temperature Management

With the surge in popularity of Fortnite’s new Lego game mode, players are diving into the survival world of building structures and navigating through various biomes. The game introduces challenges such as building campfires to stay warm and encountering fire hazards. The question on many players’ minds is whether or not they can catch fire in Lego Fortnite.

Can You Catch Fire in Lego Fortnite?

In Lego Fortnite, accidentally stepping on campfires will not set players ablaze or affect their health. Campfires serve as a survival tool to stay warm and light up dark areas. However, stepping into lava in areas like lava caves will cause damage but will not set players on fire. While direct fire may not be a threat, temperature and weather dynamics play a crucial role in the game. Players will have a temperature gauge indicating how hot or cold their character is feeling, and changing temperatures and dynamic weather patterns can lead to heat damage.

Venturing into biomes like desert or dry valleys may expose players to Lava caves, where temperatures can be dangerously high. Without proper supplies, players risk suffering heat damage and potentially burning to death, resulting in the loss of valuable loot and resources.

To counteract heat damage, players can stock up on Snow Berries to regulate their temperature. Additionally, reaching a certain level allows players to create Snowberry Shakes, which are more efficient in managing temperature fluctuations.


1. Can players be set on fire by other players in Lego Fortnite?
Players cannot set each other on fire directly in Lego Fortnite. The focus is primarily on survival through temperature management rather than player-to-player combat involving fire.

2. What are the different temperature dynamics in different biomes?
Each biome in Lego Fortnite presents unique temperature challenges. Grasslands require players to stay warm, while biomes like desert or dry valleys introduce higher temperatures, especially in areas like Lava caves.

3. Are there any other fire hazards outside of lava in Lego Fortnite?
Outside of lava, there are no direct fire hazards that can set players ablaze. However, the temperature and dynamic weather patterns can lead to heat damage and affect players’ survival if not managed properly.

4. How do players prevent burning to death in Lego Fortnite?
Players can prevent burning to death in Lego Fortnite by managing their temperature using items like Snow Berries and Snowberry Shakes.


While catching fire may not be a direct threat in Lego Fortnite, players must remain vigilant in managing their character’s temperature to avoid heat damage and potential death. Understanding the temperature dynamics in different biomes and stockpiling the right supplies are crucial for survival in the game. As players continue to explore the Lego Fortnite world, mastering fire safety and temperature management will be key to their success.

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