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# The Outlaw: Valorant’s Latest Addition

The Outlaw is the most recent addition to the weaponry in Valorant, and it accompanies Episode 8 Act 1, which marks the game’s first major update for the year. This update has introduced a dedicated collection called the Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle, tailored specifically for the Outlaw sniper rifle. The Outlaw is a sniper rifle that brings a new kind of gameplay with its unique capabilities, including the ability to strike a target twice in a row, staying scoped in even after firing, variable reload timings, and more. Positioned strategically between the current snipers, Operator and Marshal, the Outlaw is designed to be an early-round weapon that can remain effective in later rounds based on the user’s skills.

➤ Valorant Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Complete Details

Riot Games is known for consistently delivering new cosmetics and bundles for Valorant, and this time, they have planned to release a celebratory collection for the new weapon, Outlaw. Here’s all you need to know about the Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle before making a decision.

✔️ Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Skins

The Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle comprises two skins, each featuring three additional color variants in addition to the base design. Additionally, the bundle includes other decorative items such as a player card, a gun buddy, a spray, and a title, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience.

– Base Color – Indigo Shiny Metal Variant
– Variant 1 – Orange Shiny Metal Variant
– Variant 2 – Lavender Shiny Metal Variant
– Variant 3 – Gold Shiny Metal Variant

✔️ Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Price

The Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle is expected to be a basic skin line with no special animations or sounds. As part of Episode 8 Act 1, this collection is likely to be a Deluxe Edition, costing players about $25 USD to purchase.

✔️ Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Release Date

The Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle was released in Valorant on 10th January 2024. Players can find it in the in-game store for purchase. It is advisable to have tried out the weapon beforehand to ensure the full utilization of the bundle. Moreover, additional Radianite Points will need to be spent to unlock the three variants of each Outlaw skin.

In conclusion, the Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle draws inspiration from some of the earliest bundles released in Valorant, harking back to Prism//Reloaded and Ego – both featured in the game about three years ago in 2020. As it is mostly a promotional collection for the Outlaw, the bundle does not include melee skins. It will be interesting to see how this new weapon fares and the potential changes it might undergo in the coming weeks.

➤ FAQs

✔️ 1. Can the Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle be obtained through in-game currency or is it only available for purchase?
The Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle is only available for purchase with real currency, costing around $25 USD.

✔️ 2. Are there any special effects or animations associated with the skins in the Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle?
The Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle is categorized as a basic skin line, with no special animations or sounds.

✔️ 3. How can players unlock the additional color variants for the Outlaw skins in the bundle?
Players will need to spend Radianite Points to unlock the three additional color variants for each Outlaw skin in the bundle.

➤ Conclusion

With the release of the Outlaw sniper rifle and the Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle, Valorant has offered players a fresh and exciting addition to the game. The bundle offers a range of customization options and pays homage to earlier collections, adding an extra layer of nostalgia for long-time players. As Valorant continues to evolve, it will be captivating to observe how the Outlaw influences gameplay and the subsequent community response to its performance and potential updates.

For more information and updates on Valorant and its offerings, players can always stay tuned to official announcements and patch notes from Riot Games.

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