Season of the Construct Will Add New Seasonal Companion, Monster Family, Boss Battles and More

The upcoming Season of the Construct for Diablo 4 is set to introduce a wealth of new content and features, adding to the game’s immersive and action-packed experience. Scheduled for release on January 23, this update promises to bring about a dark and intriguing narrative, as well as fresh gameplay elements that will captivate and challenge players.

✔️ New Storyline and Gameplay Elements

The Season of the Construct will unveil a new threat lurking beneath the sands of Kehjistan, introducing players to the ancient Loom and its malicious usurpation by the Demon Malphas. Players will be led through treacherous Vaults by Ayuzhan, a former companion of Zoltun Kulle, as they strive to thwart Malphas and his deadly constructs from overpowering Sanctuary. The Gatehall, located beneath Kehjistan, serves as the central hub for players to access the Vaults, where they’ll encounter elemental hazards and constructs.

To engage in the Seasonal Questline, players must create a new character on the Seasonal Realm and have completed the Main Campaign. The update offers a Skip Main Campaign feature for those looking to dive straight into the action.

✔️ New Companions and Augmentation System

A notable addition to the gameplay comes in the form of the Seneschal Companion, which players can acquire to aid them in battles. The Seneschal can be customized and augmented using magical Governing and Tuning Stones, which can be found in the Vaults and across Sanctuary. This opens up the opportunity for players to strategically tailor the Seneschal’s abilities to complement their chosen playstyle.

✔️ New Dungeons and Hazards

The Vaults, specialized dungeons designed by Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan, will house elemental hazards and the intriguing Constructs, a new monster family. Players can find various elemental variants of these monsters within the Vaults, presenting a fresh challenge for adventurers. Additionally, Zoltun’s Warding, a special blessing, grants access to riches within the Vaults while offering a heightened risk-reward dynamic.

✔️ Arcane Tremors and Boss Battles

The update introduces the Arcane Tremors, a manifestation of Malphas’ desire to unleash deadly constructs upon Sanctuary. Players must dismantle traps, engage with Lesser and Elite Constructs, and ultimately defeat the Vault’s powerful Herald Construct to ensure peace for the realm.

The Season of the Construct is also set to bring other changes, including a brand-new battle pass and numerous quality-of-life updates. PC players can anticipate the convenience of using WASD keys for movement, while the introduction of a new leaderboard for seasonal content will provide a competitive edge to the gameplay experience.

The developers have also promised more details about the leaderboards via an upcoming livestream on January 18.

✔️ FAQ

✍️Q: Will the Season of the Construct update be free for all players?✍️
A: Yes, the Season of the Construct update will be available to all Diablo 4 players at no additional cost.

✍️Q: Do I need to create a new character to access the Seasonal Questline?✍️
A: Yes, players must create a new character on the Seasonal Realm and have completed the Main Campaign to participate in the Seasonal Questline.

✍️Q: Can I customize the Seneschal Companion’s abilities?✍️
A: Yes, players can use Governing and Tuning Stones to augment and customize the Seneschal’s abilities to suit their preferred playstyle.

✍️Q: What are the Vaults and what can I expect to find inside them?✍️
A: The Vaults are specialized dungeons housing elemental hazards and a new monster family called the Constructs. Players can also access unique blessings and rewards by navigating through the Vaults.

✍️Q: What platform changes are being introduced with the update?✍️
A: PC players can look forward to using WASD keys for movement, along with other quality-of-life improvements.

✔️ Conclusion

With a captivating new storyline, the addition of the Seneschal Companion and the Vaults, and quality-of-life enhancements, the Season of the Construct is poised to breathe fresh life into Diablo 4 and provide an enticing gameplay experience for both new and seasoned players. The upcoming livestream on January 18 is sure to unveil more exciting details, further fueling anticipation for this highly anticipated update.

As the Season of the Construct unfolds, players can prepare to confront ancient forces, engage in thrilling battles, and immerse themselves in the dark narrative that awaits in the realm of Sanctuary.

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