Pokemon Go’s “Dragons Unleashed”: A Guide to the 2024 Lunar New Year Event!

The Pokémon Go community is abuzz with excitement over the upcoming Go Tour: Sinnoh event. But that’s not all – Niantic has just given the green light to the highly anticipated 2024 Lunar New Year event. This event promises to bring not only exciting bonuses but also the much-awaited debut of a new Pokémon. Get ready to dive into the action with the Pokemon Go 2024 Lunar New Year Event.

Event Dates

Titled “Dragons Unleashed,” this exciting event is scheduled to run from Monday, 5th February 2024, at 10 AM (local time) to Sunday, 11th February 2024, at 8 PM (local time).

New Pokemon Debut: Drampa

In a break from the norm, the 2024 Lunar New Year event will introduce the new Pokemon, Drampa, along with its shiny version. This special debut is set to ignite excitement, appearing in 3-star Raids and as a reward for completing event-related Field Research tasks.

Wild Encounters

The Lunar New Year event for 2024 promises to bring a wide range of exciting Pokémon in the wild, including Magikarp, Dratini, Shuckle, Fennekin, Skrelp, Noibat, and Jangmo-o. Some of these may also appear in their shiny versions during the event.

Event Raids

Three-star raids will feature Druddigon, Turtonator, and Drampa, while one-star raids will include Dratini, Deino, and Goomy. Like the wild encounters, some of these Pokemon may also appear in their shiny forms during the event.

Field & Timed Research

Exclusive timed and field research tasks during the Lunar New Year 2024 event will lead to encounters with a diverse set of Pokémon, including Dratini, Trapinch, Swablu, Gible, Darumaka, Druddigon, Deino, Skrelp, Tyrunt, Goomy, Turtonator, and Drampa. Some of these encounters may also yield shiny Pokemon.

Event Bonuses

The event bonuses include an increased chance for Lucky Pokémon in trades, an increased chance to become Lucky Friends, and additional candy for successfully catching Pokémon with Nice Throws, Great Throws, and Excellent Throws. Trainers level 31 and up will also have an increased chance to receive Candy XL for successful throws.

Global Challenge: Dragons Unleashed

Niantic has brought forth the Global Challenge titled “Dragons Unleashed” for this event. If players worldwide can collectively achieve 1,000,000,000 Nice Throws, special bonuses will be unlocked for the remainder of the Lunar New Year event.


The 2024 Lunar New Year event in Pokémon Go promises to be an exciting and eventful time for trainers across the globe. With the debut of Drampa, a variety of wild encounters, raids, and exclusive research tasks, there’s something for every Pokémon Go enthusiast to look forward to. Not to mention, the thrill of participating in the Global Challenge adds an extra layer of excitement to this special event.


Q: Will Drampa be available after the event?

A: While the Lunar New Year event serves as the debut for Drampa, it’s likely that the Pokemon will continue to be available in the game after the event concludes. However, its appearance may not be as frequent as during the event.

Q: Are there any region-specific Pokemon featured in this event?

A: As of the information released, there are no mentions of region-specific Pokemon tied to the Lunar New Year event, so trainers worldwide should have an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the event’s offerings.

Q: How can I participate in the Global Challenge?

A: The Global Challenge, “Dragons Unleashed,” aims to collectively achieve 1,000,000,000 Nice Throws. Trainers can participate in this challenge by actively making Nice Throws during the event period. Keep an eye on in-game updates for progress and confirmation of unlocked bonuses.

Get ready to embrace the “Dragons Unleashed” event and have an amazing time exploring all that the 2024 Lunar New Year event has to offer!

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