Paper Shadows A-Foraging Lantern Rite Event Guide

Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite Festival is in full swing, offering players exciting events to take part in. The Paper Shadows A-Foraging event is an integral part of the Lantern Rite Festival. It introduces players to an engaging paper theater puzzle featuring Guoba and Yuegui. Here’s everything you need to know about the event and how to complete each stage of the ‘Paper Shadows A-Foraging’ event.

How to Play the Paper Shadows A-Foraging Event

Paper Shadows A-Foraging is a paper theater puzzle game where players guide characters Guoba and Yuegui through various stages to collect ingredients. Each stage has a grid-based puzzle where players must navigate Guoba and Yuegui to reach specific items within a limited number of moves. Players must plan and strategize their moves to overcome obstacles and reach their objectives.

Paper Shadows A-Foraging Event Stages

The Paper Shadows A-Foraging event consists of nine stages, each offering unique challenges and rewards. As of the latest update, three stages are currently available, with more set to unlock as the Lantern Rite Festival progresses.

  1. Fragrant Mountain Delicacies: Players assist Guoba in collecting Matsutake mushrooms within a limited number of moves. Rewards include Primogems, Festival Fever, Mora, and Agnidus Agate Fragments.

  2. Wandering Fowl Warm and Cool: Players help Yuegui gather Fowl by unlocking crates and navigating obstacles. Rewards include Primogems, Festival Fever, Mora, and Varunada Lazurite Fragments.

  3. Sealed Flavors of the Sea: Players guide Guoba to capture Fish by utilizing crates and keys strategically. Rewards include Primogems, Festival Fever, Mora, and Nagadus Emerald Fragments.


1. How do I access the Paper Shadows A-Foraging event?

The Paper Shadows A-Foraging event can be accessed through the Lantern Rite event menu in the game.

2. Are there time limits for completing each stage?

Yes, each stage has a limited number of moves to complete the puzzle. Players need to strategize and plan their moves efficiently.

3. Can I replay completed stages for additional rewards?

Yes, players can replay completed stages to earn more rewards and improve their performance.


The Paper Shadows A-Foraging event in Genshin Impact adds an exciting and challenging element to the Lantern Rite Festival. Players can test their puzzle-solving skills while earning valuable rewards. With more stages set to unlock, there’s plenty of entertainment to enjoy throughout the festival.

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