Palworld and Crossplay: Everything You Need to Know

Palworld, the highly anticipated survival game that has been compared to “Pok√©mon with guns,” has captivated the gaming community with its unique concept. As the game is available on both Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, players have been curious about the possibility of crossplay between these platforms. In this article, we’ll address the questions surrounding Palworld’s crossplay feature and provide insights into its future implementation.

Does Palworld Allow Crossplay Between Steam and Xbox Game Pass?

Short Answer: No. As of now, Palworld does not support crossplay or cross-platform play. This means that players who have purchased the game on Steam will be limited to playing with other PC players. If you were hoping to join forces with friends who have the Xbox Game Pass version, you won’t be able to do so at present. Additionally, cross-platform progression is not supported, and your game progress will be tied to the platform on which you are playing.

When is Palworld Getting Crossplay?

While crossplay is not available upon the game’s launch, the developer, Pocket Pair, has not provided a specific timeline for its implementation. It remains uncertain when crossplay will be introduced, but it is anticipated to become available in the future. Given that Palworld is currently in Early Access, it is likely that the game will undergo significant changes leading up to its full release, including the addition of new monsters and regions.


Is crossplay available in Palworld?

No, Palworld does not support crossplay between Steam and Xbox Game Pass versions at present. However, players can expect the addition of crossplay functionality in the future.

Can players carry over their progress between different platforms in Palworld?

As of now, cross-platform progression is not supported in Palworld. Each player’s progress is tied to the platform on which they are playing.


While Palworld currently lacks crossplay between Steam and Xbox Game Pass, the anticipation for this feature remains high among the player community. As the game continues to evolve during its Early Access phase, players can look forward to the potential introduction of crossplay in the future. Stay tuned for updates on when Palworld’s crossplay feature will be implemented.

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