Overwatch 2 Shop (2 Feb 2024): Skins, Bundles, Items, Price, Duration, More

# What’s Available in the Overwatch 2 Shop This Week?

The Overwatch 2 shop has unveiled its offerings for the current weekly rotation, running from 2nd to 6th February 2024. Players can expect an array of exciting skins, bundles, and items available for purchase using Overwatch Coins. Here’s a rundown of what’s available this week, including the prices and details for each item.

➤ New Additions in the Overwatch 2 Shop (2 Feb 2024)

✔️ Overwatch 2 Bundles

– ✍️Gentle Monster Aqua D.Va Bundle✍️
– Legendary
– 2600 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Gentle Tokki Aqua D.Va Skin, Weapon Charm: Aqua Monster, Player Icon: Gentle Tokki Aqua, Name Card: Lazer Cut

– ✍️Turtle Ship D.Va Bundle✍️
– Legendary
– 2200 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Turtle Ship D.Va Skin, Weapon Charm: Turtle Ship, Victory Pose: Unsinkable, Player Icon: Turtle Ship, Spray: Turtle Ship

– ✍️Swashbuckler Mega Bundle✍️
– Legendary
– 2200 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Blackbraid Ana Skin, Plunderer Sigma Skin

– ✍️Mystic Swan Mercy Bundle✍️
– Legendary
– 2100 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Mystic Swan Mercy Skin, Name Card: Mystic Swan, Spray: Mystic Swan

– ✍️Dragonfire Bastion Bundle✍️
– Legendary
– 1600 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Emote: Kite Flying, Player Icon: Dragonhead, Voice Line: “Woop Doo Woo Dun Woop”, Spray: Dragon Dance

– ✍️Huntress Bundle✍️
– Legendary
– 1500 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Tiger Huntress Ashe Skin, Player Icon: Tiger, Spray: Garlic, Voice Line: “Earned My Stripes”

– ✍️Bilgerat Junkrat Bundle✍️
– Legendary
– 1500 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Bilgerat Junkrat Skin, Emote: Running Rat, Player Icon: Buccaneer, Spray: Joker, Voice Line: “Inconspicuous!”

– ✍️Mask Dancer Bundle✍️
– Legendary
– 1400 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Mask Dancer Moira Skin, Spray: Talchum, Victory Pose: The Lion Roars, Voice Line: “Tiger By The Tail”, Other: Mask Dancer

– ✍️Imperial Guard Reaper Bundle✍️
– Legendary
– 1000 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Imperial Guard Reaper Skin, Spray: Siwang, Player Icon: Imperial Guard

– ✍️Terracotta Baptiste Bundle✍️
– Epic
– 1000 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Terracotta Medic Baptiste Skin, Spray: Terracotta Squad, Player Icon: Stonefaced

– ✍️Xiake Cassidy Bundle✍️
– Epic
– 1000 Overwatch Coins
– Contents: Xiake Cassidy Skin, Player Icon: Wanderer, Spray: Gunsmoke

✔️ Overwatch 2 Skins

– ✍️Blackbraid Ana Skin✍️
– Legendary
– 1900 Overwatch Coins

– ✍️Plunderer Sigma Skin✍️
– Legendary
– 1900 Overwatch Coins

– ✍️Mob Boss Junker Queen Skin✍️
– Legendary
– 1900 Overwatch Coins

– ✍️Buccaneer Baptiste Skin✍️
– Legendary
– 1000 Overwatch Coins

– ✍️Blackbeard Torbjörn Skin✍️
– Legendary
– 1000 Overwatch Coins

– ✍️Sanye Orisa Skin✍️
– Epic
– 750 Overwatch Coins

✔️ Overwatch 2 Coins and Tokens: Price

Both ✍️Overwatch Coins✍️ and ✍️Overwatch League Tokens✍️ are used to purchase items in Overwatch 2. The pricing for these virtual currencies is as follows:

✔️# Overwatch Coins
– 500 Coins – $4.99
– 1000 Coins – $9.99
– 2000 Coins (+200 Bonus) – $19.99
– 5000 Coins (+700 Bonus) – $49.99
– 10,000 Coins (+1600 Bonus) – $99.99

✔️# Overwatch League Tokens
– 100 Tokens – $5.99
– 200 Tokens – $11.99
– 400 Tokens – $23.99
– 900 Tokens – $47.99
– 2600 Tokens – $119.99

✔️ Duration and Shop Reset

The available skins, bundles, and items are only accessible for seven days, after which they will be replaced by a new set of offerings on 6th February. The shop typically resets every Tuesday, adjusting for different time zones. Players are encouraged to check the Overwatch 2 shop weekly for the latest additions.

# Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✍️Q:✍️ How can I purchase items from the Overwatch 2 shop?
✍️A:✍️ To buy items from the shop, players can use their Overwatch Coins or Overwatch League Tokens, which can be purchased with real money.

✍️Q:✍️ Are the skins and bundles in the shop permanently available?
✍️A:✍️ No, the items in the shop rotate on a weekly basis, and once the rotation ends, new items will replace the current ones.

✍️Q:✍️ Can I earn Overwatch Coins in-game instead of purchasing them?
✍️A:✍️ Yes, players can earn Overwatch Coins through gameplay, leveling up, and completing challenges.

✍️Q:✍️ What time does the shop reset?
✍️A:✍️ The shop typically resets every Tuesday, but the precise time may vary according to your region.

# Conclusion

The Overwatch 2 shop offers a range of exciting skins and bundles for players to personalize their gaming experience. With items rotating weekly, players have a limited time to snag their favorite cosmetics before the shop’s offerings are refreshed. Stay tuned each week for the latest updates and remember to check the shop before the rotation ends!

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