Overwatch 2 Shop (16 Jan 2024): Skins, Bundles, Items, Price, Duration, More

# Overwatch 2 Shop: New Skins, Bundles, Items, and More (16 Jan 2024)

Overwatch 2 continues to offer its players a vast array of amazing skins, bundles, and items to customize their favorite heroes. The weekly rotation for the Overwatch 2 shop brings exciting new additions for players to explore. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store this week, available from 16th to 23rd January 2024:

➤ New Skins, Bundles, and Items in Overwatch 2 Weekly Shop Rotation: 16 Jan 2024
✔️ Mythos Mega Bundle
– Legendary
– Price: 2800 Overwatch Coins
– Includes Great Tengu Hanzo Skin and Storm Rider Ashe Skin

✔️ Storm Rider Ashe Skin
– Legendary
– Price: 1900 Overwatch Coins
– Includes Storm Rider Ashe Skin

✔️ Great Tengu Hanzo Skin
– Legendary
– Price: 1900 Overwatch Coins
– Includes Great Tengu Hanzo Skin

✔️ Kabuki Ramattra Bundle
– Epic
– Price: 1500 Overwatch Coins
– Includes Kabuki Ramattra Skin, Weapon Charm: Kabuki Mask, Name Card: Kabuki, Spray: A Detonating Star

✔️ Demon Genji Bundle
– Legendary
– Price: 1500 Overwatch Coins
– Includes Demon Genji Skin, Player Icon: Goldborg, Emote: Dance, Voiceline: “You Need Healing”

✔️ Peppermint Bark Brigitte Bundle
– Epic
– Price: 1000 Overwatch Coins
– Includes Peppermint Bark Brigitte Skin, Player Icon: Peppermint Bark, Spray: Peppermint Bark

➤ Overwatch 2 Coins and Tokens: Price
– 500 Coins – $4.99
– 1000 Coins – $9.99
– 2000 Coins (+200 Bonus) – $19.99
– 5000 Coins (+700 Bonus) – $49.99
– 10,000 Coins (+1600 Bonus) – $99.99

The skins, bundles, and items mentioned above are available for seven days and will be replaced by new offerings on 23rd January. It’s important to note that the shop resets every week, so players should keep an eye on the rotation to avoid missing out on their favorite items.

Overwatch 2 offers a diverse range of skins, bundles, and items, and the weekly rotations keep the game fresh and exciting for its players.


✔️ What are Overwatch Coins and Overwatch League Tokens used for?
Overwatch Coins and Overwatch League Tokens are in-game currencies used to purchase skins, bundles, and items from the Overwatch 2 shop.

✔️ Can I purchase Overwatch Coins and Overwatch League Tokens in the game?
Yes, players can purchase Overwatch Coins and Overwatch League Tokens using real money through the in-game store.

✔️ How often does the Overwatch 2 shop rotation update?
The Overwatch 2 shop rotation updates on a weekly basis, typically resetting every Tuesday, although this may vary based on the player’s region.

✔️ Are the skins and bundles from the shop available for a limited time?
Yes, the skins, bundles, and items featured in the weekly rotation of the Overwatch 2 shop are available for a limited time, usually for seven days.

➤ Conclusion

The Overwatch 2 shop offers players an exciting range of new skins, bundles, and items each week. By refreshing the available selections regularly, Blizzard ensures that players have a wide variety of customization options to enhance their gameplay experience. As the shop rotates its offerings, players can look forward to exploring and acquiring new content to personalize their favorite heroes. With the diverse range of cosmetics and currencies, Overwatch 2 continues to keep its community engaged and entertained.

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