New Mk14 Skin, Dragon Set, and More: Rewards in BGMI’s Lucky Spin Event

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has recently introduced the Lucky Spin event, offering a range of unique rewards including weapon skins and character costumes. Here, we’ll explore the latest offerings and rewards available in this event.

Lucky Spin Event Rewards Detailed

The Lucky Spin event in BGMI provides players with both male and female character Mythic outfits, along with a special Mk14 skin, accessory skins, materials, and Lucky Coins. These Lucky Coins can be used to redeem items from the event’s store, making it an enticing opportunity for players. The event commenced on 9th February and will conclude on 18th March.

Featured Rewards

  • Dragon Emperor Set – 500 Lucky Coins
  • Dragon Emperor Cover – 180 Lucky Coins
  • Dragon Empress Set – 500 Lucky Coins
  • Dragon Empress Cover – 180 Lucky Coins
  • Holographic Sight, Red Dot Sight – 45 Lucky Coins each
  • 3x Scope, 2x Scope, Cheek Pad – 35 Lucky Coins each
  • Canted Sight, Extended Magazine AR, Extended Magazine Sniper, Compensator AR, Compensator Sniper – 20 Lucky Coins each
  • Quickdraw Magazine AR, Quickdraw Magazine Sniper, Flash Hider AR, Flash Hider Sniper – 10 Lucky Coins each
  • Spray Can – 20 draws
  • Modification Material Piece – 40 draws
  • 40 Lucky Coins – 70 draws
  • 60 Lucky Coins – 100 draws
  • 80 Lucky Coins – 150 draws

Players can obtain these rewards or Lucky Coins through the Lucky Spin draw. The first draw will cost only 10 Unknown Cash (UC), with subsequent draws costing 40 UC for a single draw and 360 UC for 10 draws. This event presents a cost-effective opportunity for players to acquire weapon skins and Mythic character outfits.


How long does the Lucky Spin event last?

The Lucky Spin event started on 9th February and will end on 18th March.

Are Lucky Coins reusable for future events?

Lucky Coins collected during the event can only be used to redeem items from this specific event’s store and cannot be carried over to future events.

What are the costs for participating in the Lucky Spin draw?

The first draw will cost 10 UC, subsequent single draws will cost 40 UC each, and 10 draws can be obtained for 360 UC.

Can Lucky Coins be traded with other players?

No, Lucky Coins are non-transferable and cannot be traded with other players.

Can we obtain the rewards without spending UC?

Players can acquire rewards or Lucky Coins by engaging in the Lucky Spin draw or by obtaining them from the event’s store using Lucky Coins.


The Lucky Spin event in BGMI offers players a chance to acquire exciting rewards such as weapon skins and character outfits, making it a popular and highly anticipated event. With an array of items available, players can maximize their participation in the event to obtain desirable in-game items at affordable prices.

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