Monopoly Go Winter Games Event: Milestones, Rewards & More

Monopoly Go Winter Games event, launched by Scopely, has brought another exciting opportunity for players to earn rewards and enjoy the game. The event, which started on 24th January and will run until 27th January, offers players the chance to earn a total of 14,465 dice rolls by completing event milestones. In addition to dice rolls, there are various other rewards up for grabs.

To participate and score big in the Winter Games event, players will need to land on specific tiles, such as Go, Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail, to earn event tokens. The event offers 49 milestones with various rewards, culminating in 6,500 free dice rolls and a Sticker Pack as the final reward upon reaching 6000 event tokens.

To excel in the event, here are some useful tips:
– Save your highest multipliers for locations on the board that will lead you to points/tokens tiles.
– Choose tasks and rewards wisely; if a reward doesn’t match the difficulty of the task, consider waiting for the next event.
– Look for additional ways to earn dice, such as through tournaments and landmarks.
– Use dice rolls efficiently to maximize your rewards.

As Monopoly Go continues to gain popularity, these events provide players with an engaging and rewarding experience, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.


1. What is the Monopoly Go Winter Games event?

The Winter Games event in Monopoly Go is a limited-time occasion where players can earn special rewards by participating in the event and completing milestones.

2. How long is the Winter Games event live in the game?

The Winter Games event started on 24th January and will be live for three days until 27th January.

3. What are the tips for excelling in the event?

Some tips for doing well in the Winter Games event include saving high multipliers, choosing tasks and rewards wisely, finding other ways to earn dice, and using dice rolls efficiently.

4. What rewards are available in the Winter Games event?

The event offers various rewards, with the final reward being 6,500 free dice rolls and a Sticker Pack upon reaching 6000 event tokens.


The Monopoly Go Winter Games event presents an exciting opportunity for players to engage in the game and earn valuable rewards. By strategically participating in the event, leveraging dice rolls, and making wise decisions pertaining to tasks and rewards, players can maximize their success and enjoyment during this limited-time event.

As players continue to participate in these events, the Monopoly Go community can look forward to more engaging and rewarding experiences in the future.

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