Monopoly Go Snowy Creations Tournament: A Winter-Themed Adventure

Monopoly Go has been making waves in the mobile gaming community with its engaging and entertaining gameplay. The introduction of themed events and celebrations has kept the community excited and engaged, with the recent addition being the winter-themed Snowy Creations tournament. This tournament promises exciting rewards and opportunities for players to compete against each other.

Monopoly Go Snowy Creations: Schedule, Rewards & Gameplay

The Snowy Creations tournament in Monopoly Go offers players the chance to earn rewards through achieving milestones and based on their final position on the leaderboard. To accrue points during the tournament, players need to land on a Railway tile and engage in various actions such as Heist Points and Shutdown Points, each with its respective points allocation. Additionally, points or tokens earned are multiplied by the player’s current dice multiplier, adding an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay.

This tournament consists of 25 milestones, with the grand prize being 1,200 Free Rolls. Players can also aim for final placings, with rewards including Free Dice Rolls, Cash Prizes, and Sticker Packs based on their ranking. The competitive nature of the tournament creates an exciting environment for players to strive for the top spots.


1. How can I participate in the Snowy Creations tournament?

To participate in the Snowy Creations tournament, simply log in to Monopoly Go and look for the tournament section within the game. Once there, you can start earning points by landing on Railway tiles and engaging in Heist and Shutdown actions.

2. How long does the Snowy Creations tournament last?

The tournament typically runs for a set duration, usually spanning over several days, during which players can actively participate and compete for rewards.

3. Are there any additional tips for maximizing points in the tournament?

It’s important to strategize rolling the dice to land on Railway tiles and aim for actions with higher point values to optimize your point earnings. Additionally, keeping an eye on the leaderboard and understanding the point thresholds for milestones can help in planning gameplay effectively.


The Snowy Creations tournament in Monopoly Go offers an exciting and competitive gameplay experience with a winter-themed twist. With a range of milestone rewards and final placings, players have the chance to test their skills and aim for valuable prizes. Whether collecting Free Rolls, Cash Prizes, or exclusive Sticker Packs, the tournament provides an engaging platform for players to showcase their Monopoly Go prowess.

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