Monopoly Go Snowman Contest: Tips for Scoring, Rewards, Milestones, and More

With the Dot Com Dash event coming to an end, Monopoly Go has a brand new event called Snowman Contest. The event will last for two days and bring lots of new prizes for players to help grow their net worth. Players can get their hands on points and reach different reward tiers, winning items such as Peg-E tokens, boosts, cash, and, most importantly, free dice rolls. In this article, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about the Monopoly Go Snowman Contest, including its rewards, how to score, milestones, and much more.

How to Score Points in the Snowman Contest

To earn points in the Snowman Contest, you need to land on Railroad titles. The rewards you’ll receive will be based on your performance in Shutdowns and Bank Heights. The higher your multiple, the better rewards you’ll obtain. Mega Heists will also be featured during this event, where opening gold ingots in the Mega Heist will let you earn the highest points. 

Shutdown and Bank Heist Rewards

– Small Heist – You’ll get eight snowmen
– Large Heist- You’ll get 12 snowmen
– Bankrupt – You’ll get 16 Snowmen.

All Rewards in the Snowman Contest

The Monopoly Go Snowman Contest event is back, bringing a range of rewards. Key prizes include free dice rolls, Peg-E Tokens, Sticker Packs, and much more. The event places players with 100 tycoons in every group. As a tycoon, players are tasked with obtaining Snowmen to dominate other tycoons and progress on the leaderboards. The rewards you’ll receive from the event will be based on your final position.

All Milestones in the Snowman Contest

The event offers 30 milestones that players can obtain, and each offers awesome rewards that can help you progress from the current map to the next one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does the Snowman Contest event last?

The Snowman Contest event lasts for two days.

How can I earn points in the Snowman Contest?

To earn points in the Snowman Contest, you need to land on Railroad titles, participate in Shutdowns and Bank Heights, and engage in Mega Heists.

What rewards can I win in the Snowman Contest?

The rewards in the Snowman Contest include free dice rolls, Peg-E Tokens, boosts, cash, and other exciting items.

How many milestones are there in the Snowman Contest?

There are 30 milestones available in the Snowman Contest, and each milestone offers rewards to help you progress in the game.

In conclusion, the Monopoly Go Snowman Contest offers exciting opportunities for players to earn points, win rewards, and achieve milestones. It’s a great chance to engage with the game and compete with other players to secure top positions and receive fantastic prizes. So get ready to embark on this winter-themed journey and dominate the Snowman Contest!

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