Monopoly Go Masquerade Madness Tournament: Milestones & Rewards

Monopoly Go has become a fan favorite amongst the mobile gaming community. In the recent months, the Scopely title has seemingly grown leaps and bounds in popularity, thanks to its casual yet engaging gameplay. The game is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to keeping its community and player base entertained. There is not a single boring day in Monopoly Go as Scopely pushes out new events, tournaments and celebrations one after the other, without a break.

Tournaments are brief, goal-oriented mini-events that offer handsome rewards to players or tycoons including free dice rolls, stickers, and many more. While solo events are all about individual achievements, co-op events uniquely feature a leaderboard.

Following the conclusion of the Samba Showdown tournament, Scopely immediately rolled out the next one. However, this time it is a two-day tournament offering hefty rewards. Called Masquerade Madness, this tournament will be live in the game till February 4th (10 am PT/ 1 pm ET/ 6 pm GMT).

Monopoly Go Masquerade Madness: Schedule, Rewards & More

Tournaments are mini-games in which players earn rewards and prizes predominantly in two ways: Achieving milestones and based on their final position on the leaderboard.

Just as all Monopoly Go tournaments, this ongoing Masquerade Madness tournament allows players to get their hands on great rewards at each milestone. Introducing this event, Scopely said, “Tycoons! Masks on! As the carnival keeps rollin’… More opportunities for you to win big keep showin’! Make your way to the top spots now!”

It further added, “Seems like one of the pieces doesn’t fit in the puzzle! Do you know which piece it is? Leave your answers, and you might dance off with 200 rolls! Show off your puzzle skills & go for the #1 spot!”

This tournament also features a multitude of milestones tied to specific point thresholds, each offering players different rewards. As per any other tournament, players need to land on specific spaces on the Monopoly Go board to earn event points. To earn points in the tournament in Monopoly Go, players will need to land on a Railway tile and perform one of the following actions:

– ✍️Bank Heist Points✍️
– Small: Four points
– Large: Six points
– Bankrupt: Eight points

– ✍️Shutdown Points✍️
– Blocked: Two points
– Successful: Four points

Additionally, all the points or tokens you earn will be multiplied by your current dice multiplier. Therefore, make sure to roll high to win huge.

Here are all the milestones and rewards for the Masquerade Madness tournament in Monopoly Go:

– ✍️Milestones & Rewards✍️
– 100 Points: 30 Dice Rolls
– 200 Points: 5 Stickers
– 400 Points: 60 Dice Rolls
– 800 Points: 10 Stickers
– 1400 Points: 150 Dice Rolls
– 2200 Points: 20 Stickers
– 3000 Points: 400 Dice Rolls
– 4200 Points: 40 Stickers
– 6000 Points: 600 Dice Rolls
– 8000 Points: Monopoly Go Topper

Additionally, the following is a rundown of the Monopoly Go Masquerade Madness Tournament rewards for the final tournament placings:

– ✍️Final Placings Rewards✍️
– 1st Place: 1000 Dice Rolls
– 2nd Place: 700 Dice Rolls
– 3rd Place: 500 Dice Rolls
– 4th-10th Place: 350 Dice Rolls

This is everything you need to know about Masquerade Madness in Monopoly Go.

✔️ FAQ

✍️Q: How long will the Masquerade Madness tournament be live in the game?✍️

The tournament will be live until February 4th, 10 am PT/1 pm ET/6 pm GMT.

✍️Q: What are the ways to earn points in the tournament in Monopoly Go?✍️

Players will need to land on a Railway tile and perform various actions such as Bank Heist and Shutdown to earn points.

✍️Q: What are the rewards for achieving milestones in the Masquerade Madness tournament?✍️

The rewards for achieving milestones include dice rolls, stickers, and a Monopoly Go Topper.

✍️Q: What are the rewards for the final tournament placings in the Masquerade Madness tournament?✍️

The rewards for the final tournament placings include a varying number of dice rolls based on the player’s position.

✔️ Conclusion

The Monopoly Go Masquerade Madness tournament offers players the chance to earn a plethora of rewards by achieving milestones and securing final positions on the leaderboard. With the event live until February 4th, players have ample time to immerse themselves in the carnival and compete for the top spots. So, mask on and roll your way to victory!

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