Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries Tournament: All You Need to Know

2024 has been a year of exciting events for tycoons in Monopoly Go. For players who enjoy fast-paced, rewarding mini-events, Monopoly Go tournaments remain a popular choice. Throughout the year, Scopely has organized over eight tournaments, offering unique experiences and valuable rewards. In this spirit, they have launched the Golden Discoveries tournament, a limited-time event that promises an array of exciting prizes.

Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries Tournament Overview

Tournaments in Monopoly Go are competitive events where players compete against each other for special prizes. They are mini-games where rewards are earned by reaching milestones and achieving a high position on the leaderboard. The Golden Discoveries tournament is no exception, offering players the chance to earn rewards by reaching milestones and performing well in the overall rankings.

The Golden Discoveries tournament is a 24-hour event that began on 28th January and will run until around 11:58 am CT on 29th January. Throughout the event, Scopely has lined up an array of exciting rewards for players. However, reaching these rewards will require players to cross various challenging milestones. In total, players can earn up to 3,440 Dice Rolls and five Sticker packs throughout the tournament, with milestones tied to specific point thresholds, offering different rewards.

Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries Tournament Milestones & Rewards

The Golden Discoveries tournament features a total of 25 milestones, each offering unique rewards. Players can earn these rewards by landing on specific spaces on the Monopoly Go board. To earn points in the tournament, players must land on a Railroad tile and perform one of the following actions:

  • Bank Heist
  • Shutdown


Q: Can I participate in the Golden Discoveries tournament if I join after it has already started?

A: Yes, players can still participate in the tournament if they join after it has started. However, they will have a limited time to earn points and reach the milestones.

Q: Are the rewards in the Golden Discoveries tournament exclusive to this event?

A: Yes, the rewards offered in the Golden Discoveries tournament are specific to this event and are not available through regular gameplay.

Q: What happens if I don’t reach all the milestones by the end of the tournament?

A: Players will receive rewards based on the milestones they have reached by the end of the tournament. Any unclaimed rewards will not be available once the event concludes.


The Golden Discoveries tournament in Monopoly Go offers an opportunity for players to compete for unique rewards and prizes. With a limited-time frame and various milestones to achieve, the event promises an immersive and exciting gameplay experience. As players work towards reaching milestones and climbing the leaderboard, the event adds an extra layer of competition and engagement to the game.

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