Monopoly Go Gardening Partners Event: A Fun and Rewarding Opportunity for Players

Monopoly Go is a beloved mobile game that allows players to indulge in the classic board game experience with added fun game modes. The game has recently gained significant traction and has become a favorite among mobile gaming enthusiasts. In addition to the classic gameplay, Monopoly Go offers engaging features and events to keep the players entertained and excited. One such popular event is the ‘partners event,’ and currently, Scopely is hosting the Gardening Partners Event.

What Is the Monopoly Go Gardening Partners Event?

The Gardening Partners Event in Monopoly Go is a social live event where players can partner with their friends to build attractions on their boards and win exciting prizes. This event is available to players who have reached Board 5, and it offers a unique opportunity for collaboration and competition.

The Gardening Partners event, which began on 8th January and will conclude on 13th January, gives players the chance to earn up to 10,000 dice rolls, numerous stickers, and a substantial amount of cash to beautify and level up landmarks on their boards. Additionally, Scopely has introduced the Road to Riches solo event and a 24-hour tournament called Space Race alongside the Partners Event, offering players the opportunity to earn Gardening Partners tokens.

How to Play and Complete the Gardening Partners Event in Monopoly Go?

Participating in the Gardening Partners event requires players to invite four friends to partner with them. Once they have their partners, they will see four gardening slots in the center of their board. To progress in the event, players need to collect Gardening tokens by landing on them through random tiles on the board or by earning them through the solo event and the tournament. After collecting the tokens, players can visit their partners’ profiles and spin a wheel to earn points toward completing the event milestones.

Monopoly Go Gardening Partners Event Milestones & Rewards

The event consists of five milestones that players can achieve by partnering with friends and collecting Gardening tokens. As players progress through the milestones, they can unlock exciting rewards, including in-game currency, dice rolls, and other valuable items to enhance their gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I participate in the Gardening Partners Event if I haven’t reached Board 5 yet?

No, the Gardening Partners Event is available to players who have reached Board 5 in Monopoly Go.

2. Can I earn Gardening tokens from the solo event and the tournament?

Yes, both the solo event and the tournament offer players the opportunity to earn Gardening tokens in addition to the main Partners Event.

3. How do I invite friends to partner with me for the Gardening Partners Event?

To invite friends to partner with you, click on the ‘Plus’ icon on the board and choose a friend to team up with for the event.


The Gardening Partners Event in Monopoly Go offers players an engaging and rewarding opportunity to collaborate with friends, earn valuable rewards, and add a new dimension to their gaming experience. With its unique gameplay features and exciting events, Monopoly Go continues to captivate mobile gaming enthusiasts and provide them with endless entertainment.

In conclusion, the Gardening Partners Event in Monopoly Go is a must-try for players seeking a fun and interactive gaming experience.

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