Monopoly Go Equity Extravaganza: All You Need to Know

Monopoly Go has become an increasingly popular choice among players, evolving into a compelling mobile game that offers an immersive experience. The game features limited-time events, such as the recent Equity Extravaganza, where players can earn special rewards by completing specific tasks within a given time frame.

Tasks, Rewards & More

The Equity Extravaganza event, introduced by Scopely, is a three-day solo event that ran from 13th to 16th January. During this event, players needed to land on tiles with a Pickup token to score points and earn rewards. There were 42 milestones in total, and players could potentially earn 16,135 free dice as rewards.

Here is a breakdown of the event milestones and rewards:

  • – Milestone 1: 50 Dice
  • – Milestone 2: 100 Dice
  • – Milestone 3: 150 Dice
  • – …
  • – Final Milestone: 6,500 Dice and a five-star sticker pack with a guaranteed gold card

To successfully progress through the event, players had to strategically use their dice rolls, gather points, and strategically land on specific tiles.

Useful Tips for Success

Players were advised to employ certain strategies to excel in the event:

  • – Save high multipliers for locations likely to lead to points/tokens tiles.
  • – Evaluate the reward against the task difficulty; it’s advisable to wait for more suitable events if the rewards are not worth the effort.
  • – Explore additional ways to earn dice, such as through tournaments and landmarks.
  • – Efficiently utilize dice rolls to maximize progress.


Q: Can I use dice multipliers to increase my chances of landing on tiles with Pickup tokens?

A: Yes, using dice multipliers can increase the number of tokens on your board, thus boosting your chances of landing on them.

Q: Are there additional ways to earn dice during the event?

A: Yes, players can participate in tournaments and utilize landmarks to earn more dice to aid their progress in the event.

Q: How can I efficiently use my dice rolls in the event?

A: It’s essential to strategically plan your dice rolls and save high multipliers for optimal tile locations to maximize your progress and rewards.


The Equity Extravaganza event in Monopoly Go offered players a thrilling opportunity to compete for substantial rewards by strategically navigating the game board and collecting points. By employing smart strategies and utilizing available resources, players could make the most of this limited-time event and claim exciting prizes.

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