Mobile & How to Choose the Best Ones?

# The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Perks in COD: Mobile

In Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM), perks play a crucial role in enhancing gameplay for different playstyles and strategies. Perks are passive benefits that provide advantages to players in multiplayer modes, catering to various aspects of movement, combat, survival, and support. With over 35 perks to choose from, understanding their roles and selecting the best ones based on your playstyle is essential for optimizing your gameplay.

➤ Understanding the Role of Different Types of Perks in COD: Mobile

In CODM, perks are categorized into three types: Red, Green, and Blue. Each type of perk targets specific aspects of gameplay:

– ✍️Red Perks:✍️ Focus on movement, utilities, and resistance.
– ✍️Green Perks:✍️ Enhance combat and survival abilities.
– ✍️Blue Perks:✍️ Provide support, counterplay, and streak benefits.

➤ How to Unlock All Perks in COD: Mobile

Perks can be unlocked by leveling up in the game. Additionally, special perks can be purchased in the credit shop using Credit Points earned through gameplay. Some perks may appear in the credit store or as part of seasonal events, allowing players to unlock them over time.

➤ Best Perks Based on Playstyle

✔️ For Aggressive Search and Destroy Players:

– ✍️Lightweight (Red):✍️ Offers a 5% movement speed bonus.
– ✍️Gung-Ho (Green):✍️ Allows for hip-firing and reloading while running.
– ✍️Quick Fix (Green):✍️ Triggers health regeneration after a kill.
– ✍️Dead Silence (Blue):✍️ Reduces footstep noise and enhances stealth.

✔️ For Passive Search and Destroy Players:

– ✍️Skulker (Red):✍️ Increases movement speed while walking, crouching, and strafing.
– ✍️Toughness (Green):✍️ Helps battle hit flinch.
– ✍️Dead Silence (Blue):✍️ Enables catching enemies off guard.

✔️ For Respawn Game Modes:

– ✍️Skulker or Lightweight (Red):✍️ Provides extra mobility.
– ✍️Tactician (Green):✍️ Adds additional tactical utility.
– ✍️Dauntless (Green):✍️ Counters disabled perks.
– ✍️Quick Fix, Dead Silence, and Tactical Mask (Blue):✍️ Suggested for increased survival.

✔️ For Anchor or Objective Players:

– ✍️Fast Recover (Red):✍️ Boosts health recovery.
– ✍️Flag Jacket (Green):✍️ Reduces damage from explosives.
– ✍️Ghost (Blue):✍️ Stays hidden from enemy UAVs.
– ✍️Toughness and Hardline (Green):✍️ Enhances defensive capabilities and scorestreak efficiency.

In COD: Mobile, choosing the right combination of perks can significantly impact your gameplay and contribute to your team’s success. Experimenting with different perk combinations and finding the ones that best align with your playstyle and strengths is key to elevating your performance on the battlefield.

For more comprehensive tips and guides, be sure to check out additional COD: Mobile resources.

➤ FAQs

✔️ How many perks can I equip at a time in COD: Mobile?

You can equip three perks at a time on your loadout in COD: Mobile, one from each color category when you reach level 12.

✔️ Can I earn special perks for free in COD: Mobile?

Special perks can be earned for free by accumulating Credit Points through daily gameplay, which can then be used to purchase them in the credit shop.

✔️ Are there perks that are only available during seasonal events in COD: Mobile?

Yes, certain perks may be introduced as part of seasonal events in COD: Mobile, allowing players to unlock them over the course of the event.

# Conclusion

Selecting the right perks in COD: Mobile is pivotal in tailoring your loadout for maximum effectiveness. By understanding the roles of different perk categories and customizing your loadout to suit your individual preferences and playstyle, you can significantly enhance your performance and strategic impact in the game.

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