Meet Team Tamilas: A Dominant Esports Organization in India

Team Tamilas is a prominent esports organization in India with a strong presence in various esports titles. It boasts rosters in games like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Valorant, Pokemon Unite, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile New State. The organization has been actively participating in the esports scene and has been achieving consistent success over the years.

Team Tamilas: Roster and Achievements

The BGMI roster of Team Tamilas comprises experienced and skilled players. Athletes like Prasanth “Carryop” C, AceBlack, YuvaOP, BeardBaba, Manty, MrIGL, and MaxyOP have been part of the organization and have contributed to its success. The team’s players have demonstrated their expertise through notable performances and victories in various esports tournaments, establishing themselves as formidable contenders in the Indian esports landscape.

Team Tamilas has made impressive strides in the BGMI competitive scene, securing noteworthy rankings in several events. As a testament to their skill and determination, the team achieved remarkable results, including second place in the Upthrust Esports The Multiverse Series 2024, fourth place in The World of Battle (TWOB) Winter Invitational, and clinching the championship title in the Upthrust Esports Survivors Saga Season 3 event.

Team Tamilas: Owners and Other Info

The organization is led by Asarudheen Samsudheen, the Founder and Co-owner, alongside Vijay as the COO and Zoonik as the CEO. Their strategic leadership and management have played a crucial role in Team Tamilas’ success across different esports titles. In addition to its BGMI accomplishments, Team Tamilas has also achieved significant victories in other games such as Valorant, where it emerged as the champion of the TEC Challengers Series 3 event.

Team Tamilas continues to garner attention and acclaim in the esports community due to its remarkable performances and the dedication of its players and management. The organization’s commitment to excellence and its competitive spirit have solidified its position as a force to be reckoned with in Indian esports.


1. What is Team Tamilas known for?

Team Tamilas is known for its strong presence in the Indian esports scene, particularly in games like BGMI, Valorant, and more. The organization’s skilled rosters and consistent performances have earned it recognition and respect within the esports community.

2. Who are the key figures in Team Tamilas?

Asarudheen Samsudheen serves as the Founder and Co-owner of Team Tamilas, while Vijay holds the position of COO and Zoonik is the CEO of the organization. Their leadership has been instrumental in guiding the team to success in various esports titles.

3. What notable achievements has Team Tamilas attained in BGMI?

Team Tamilas has secured significant rankings and victories in the BGMI competitive circuit, including second place in the Upthrust Esports The Multiverse Series 2024, fourth place in The World of Battle (TWOB) Winter Invitational, and winning the Upthrust Esports Survivors Saga Season 3 event.


Team Tamilas stands as a formidable force in the Indian esports landscape, showcasing their prowess and competitive drive in various esports titles. With a talented roster and dedicated leadership, the organization continues to make waves and inspire esports enthusiasts across the country. Their legacy of consistent performances and significant achievements solidifies their position as one of the premier esports organizations in India.

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